I have two personalities

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Blackened, May 5, 2008.

  1. even more, I just can't remember myself after I started consuming THC.
    I just can't remember..I am a totally different person right now..
    what the heck did happen to me..
    suddenly I start having those wierd thoughts..
    I'm paranoid in different words..
    I have a phobia of people..
    I started to smoke alone, not with anyone...
    I smoke and spend hours just by myself?
    Do u think this is healthy?
    Im not done yet...
  2. nothingg wrong with smoking alone im havin 1 right now o my balcony chilled on my own its amaaazin you just chill out wid urself aslong as u dnt isolate urself its cool.
  3. im really annoyed due the fact that i smoke 3-4 joints everyday since 1 year..
    is this normal?
  4. I Think I Smell A Trooooolllll!!!
  5. I swear to god this is a real story..
    dude Hashish here is cheep..im not kidding
  6. uhh sound like a troll to me..
  7. would a troll have 12 posts? :rolleyes:
  8. Well if your trying to post an honest post -
    Sounds like its time to take a T break for a short while.
    Find yourself without smoking again, and then once you do that, when you come back to smoking, you wont need 3-4 a day. Flush that THC out of your system and start over imo.

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