I have two choices.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Stephen_9, May 28, 2009.

  1. 1) Hippy-flip (2 E, 2 or 3g shrooms?)
    2) Acid (or possibly even a candyflip?)

    I have done both E and shrooms twice so far in my life, and feel that I am ready for a hippy flip. I am also VERY eager to try acid, but I only have the money for one (well, I might be able to do a candyflip, but I have never done acid).

    What are all of your suggestions? I feel that I can handle any drug in most environments (I was in a very bad spot for shrooms about 1 month ago and I handled it flawlessly), so should I be able to just jump in and do a candyflip? How many hits of acid should I do my first time, whether by itself or with E?

    How about this "crazyflip" I keep hearing about (E+shrooms+acid)? What's this like? I'm obviously not ready for that though...
  2. Candy flip all the way
  3. Do you actually think I'm ready to jump right into a candyflip, even though I've never done acid before? I think I am, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people do and end up regretting it later. Would it be best just to see acid work on it's own first? I'm kind of leaning towards that, but some more input would be great.
  4. honestly u should try the x with acid its really nice and if u can handle shrooms u could handle acid i personally feel acid to be easier to deal with and me personally i would do all 3 if i had the chance
  5. acid

    ave the money for weed, cigs during the trip
  6. nothing will ever compare to your first walk with Lucy.

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