I have traffic court friday. help me find a good excuse

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  1. As to why I was speeding. I got lasor gunned doing 80 in a 55. I hope to get my fine reduced or it even stricken from my record . I fought a blown stop sign ticket and won that one. It was stricken from my record.

    Sooo help me out blades! I was going to say I put some low profile tires and bigger rims on my car and it messed up my speedo. Or that I had put my winter tires on.
  2. I don't know that any excuse will do anything for you, but an excuse like that certainly will not
  3. My buddy got his speeding ticket cut in half .
  4. then say you had an oncoming bowel movement
    courtspeak for I was about to shit my pants, yo.
  5. go to court and ask for continuance---then develop a stratagem.

    "All comments posted by Enjoyable High on this web are for Entertainment purposes only and should not be construed in any fashion otherwise".*

    *hey Blades, my Legal has informed me to render the cited Signature as a Disclaimer.
    So hey, I just go with it.
  6. Ahaha I wonder if the judge would get a kick out of that or make my ticket worse.
  7. take it on the chin bud. 80 in a 55 doesnt really leave you with any room for an excuse
  8. You were speeding to prevent your friend from committing suicide

    He was distraught because he never achieved his dream of being a banker

  9. The Judge will probably have heard almost every excuse someone could come up with. Use your stoner mind and think of something.
  10. my cat was having a mental breakdown and my roommate couldn't control him.
  11. You had the shits
  12. You had the radio turned up with a lot on your mind and simply weren't paying attention. Then talk about something negative that has happened in your life recently. Most of all be as respectful as possible. Good luck though, speeding tickets are a pain in the ass. I got 2 within 3 weeks and finally decided to get a radar detector.
  13. Make them show you when the radar gun they used was last calibrated. If it's been a while (more than a few months) you may be able raise questions to its accuracy. If there's any possibility the gun was inaccurate you may get your fine reduced or even thrown out.

    If the radar gun was calibrated recently though you're pretty much fucked.
  14. 80 in a 55? c'mon now, i'm an aggressive driver/speeder but around here most i do in a 55 is 69. you asked for it brutha
  15. i was late to pick up my kids because i had to take the fattest shit before i had to do anything your honor. i had to drive really fast because i didn't want my kid to be outside incase he/she is kidnapped. didn't want my kid to be out in the cold because getting sick can affect his/her grades. i had every right to do 80 in an 55 because i can
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    Depends on the road/area. The highway near me says 55, but NOBODY drives that slow. It's an a really busy road, and just about everyone drives at least 60. About 70 is normal, and that's usually what I drive. Or 60 at night when I just want to use cruise control and chill. But I've been cruising at 80mph and have had cops just cruise passed me.

    On the other hand, there's a another road I drive regularly that drops from 55 to 35 for a few miles. I don't go faster than 39 on that section, the cops are like hawks there.
  17. Say you were trying to travel back in time, but the cop got you before you could reach mach 6.

  18. yeah i know what you mean, it's like that here too. there's a rural road 19 miles long mostly straight and no traffic lights with like 3 little intersections....its normal to get passed at 70. then again, i drive it daily and hve seen a cop there once and he was only responding to an accident. there are NO cops on that road. but take the main highway (also 55) into the middle of the city a cop'll get ya for 61 lol
  19. Making an excuse for speeding would be admittance of guilt for speeding, thus you lose.

    Fighting things in court is more about the judge pitying you to reduce your fine.

    Being a college kid who can't afford a big ticket, or the point increase, usually helps. Especially with no prior offenses.
  20. They aren't required to show you the radar gun even if you asked. Most if not all officers will shut you down if you ask. I don't agree with this, but that's the way she goes.

    OP your fine should only be a couple hund depending where you live.

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