I have too many nutes.

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  1. I won 5L bottles of Dutch Master Gold Grow A&B, Bloom A&B, add .27 grow and bloom.

    I am looking for ideas for containers to break these down. Like into quarts. Can anyone think of anything that would make for something good to keep this stuff in?
  2. Dare I say the obvious.....maybe a 1L bottle?
  3. But where does one buy an empty 1LT bottle?
  4. The gas station....usually has some sort of beverage inside of it
  5. Good one! Empty pop/soda bottle
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    Was going to go with these off ebay; Ebay Site but just went to the $ store and bought some cheap ass soda. Emptied them out, cleaned them and boom;
  7. Glad I could put my common sense to use :smoke:
  8. And now if anyone wants to know what Dutch Master nutes really look like.

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