I have to take a drug test PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'General' started by WingNut19, May 16, 2006.

  1. So I was just informed that I will have to take a drug test in 3 days :eek:
    I need some help

    The lady I spoke with over the phone said I would have to drive to this place to take it and nothing else. I wanted to know if I could just bring in a friend's clean sample but I'm worried they will pat me down or something (I have no idea how this is goign to work)

    Any advice would be much appreciated, will the clean sample work or is that too risky??
  2. just tape a bag of piss to your inner thigh.
  3. Yup, either detox or bag of piss.
  4. You guys don't think they will check for that?
  5. If they hand the test to a lab, they're going to check the temperature of the urine. So, in that case you can't sneak any in.
  6. I think if you keep it next to your thigh, its nearly the same temp as regular piss.

  7. Has anyone tried this, keeping on your thigh?

  8. Thanks a lot for this, but is it neccesary to take as many pills as you suggested or could i just keep taking them until my piss is normal color?

    EDIT: I just finished reading the whole thread and it basically says to take 1 or 2 every day for a couple days, is this correct?
  9. take 2 a day before your drug test and don't smoke for at least a day or two, or take 4 to be extra sure if your paranoid. Drink around 8 bottles of water, and piss until your piss turns the normal color.

    edit: If you take these pills, the standards azo only work, nothing else would work.
  10. So I took my drug test yesterday after follow Russian's instructions. I took 2 pills the first day and drank 8+ bottles of water throughout the day. The second day I took 3 pills in the morning followed by tons a water throughout the day. My piss never turned red but got super dark yellow everytime i pissed but went back to normal around 5 O'clock the second day.

    So I have to wait til Monday to find out my results from my employer. If I pass I start an internship that pays $10.50/hour, if i fail my parents find out that I smoke weed, I loose my internship, I'd have to explain to my entire family why I lost my summer job and basically my life will be very very shitty until i leave for college

    I'll let you know the results as soon as I do, WISH ME LUCK :(
  11. Keep us updated man

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