i have to shit but my toilets clogged....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by NIXXXON, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. ...... but god i really need to shit. someone is coming to fix it tomorrow morning. what would you do?

    i only have one shitter in the house.
  2. Go to a near-by store or friends house.
  3. ask your neighbor? your backyard? the local kwikemart?
  4. I would fix it.
  5. have a butt plug & duct tape handy?
  6. shittin your pants is cool
  7. forget it...... i shit in the bathroom's waste basket and took the bag outside to the trash.
  8. Go far enough down the street that you won't smell it from the general viscinity of your home, pop a squat, and lay down the bidness.

    Edit: I guess you figured out a good solution, perhaps keep my idea in mind for next time :p
  9. you got any neighbors you hate?? you could just drop a deuce in their driveway, haha :smoking:.
  10. ...in any other situation, this statement would seem insane
  11. Shit in a bag and then toss it in the trash.

    EDIT: Brilliant minds think alike.
  12. and fire, lots and lots of fire

  13. you couldve pooped on a plate and then microwaved it and then enjoyed a nice poo poo platter.
  14. If I were having someone come to my house to fix a clogged toilet i'd just keep shitting in it without flushing. What's he gonna do about it? :p
  15. You must not have a job.
  16. lolhaha :smoking: true that
  17. You should ALWAYS have one of these handy:

  18. i would hate to be that dude then
  19. And a copy of this:

  20. shit in the sink and push it through the holes bit by bit, beats shitting on the floor.

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