I have to run a triathalon...HELP!

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by KryptoniteKing, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. In order to graduate this year i have to complete a senior project. I chose triathalon because i thought it would be easy. Its actually freakin 1 mile swim, 25 mile ride,6 mile run. I have ten weeks. Anybody have good training plans?? and do i have too quit smoke smoking
  2. Holy shit. Sorry to break it to you but your odds seem very slim.
    Don't fear anything just get out there and try...

  3. :laughing:
  4. No you don't have to quit smoking, start training and eating healthy. With enough motivation, you can do it. Unless your just completely out of shape.
  5. No time to beat? You're straight.
  6. Look up couch to 5k, put it on your ipod, it's your only hope! I think it's a 9 week 5k plan.
  7. I'd say it depends on what fitness level you're at now.

    But if you're out of shape, I wouldn't have much hope ahaha
  8. Ask if you can pick a new project haha.
  9. Jesus...1 mile swim isn't like fucking terrible, you'll have to train obviously but a fucking 25 M ride!? 6M run!?

    10 Weeks!? You should do this and write a fucking book because if you could actually do it alot of people would be interested in reading it. "I was a pothead teenager to triathalon go-er"
  10. The mile swim is going to be gnarly man get in the pool asap.
  11. Might sound like a stupid question but what order is it OP? Personally I think it'd be easier if it was like run > swim > bike.
  12. A 1 mile swim is deceivingly difficult, especially when dealing with waves and open water-anxiety haha.

    I think the bike is the easiest.

    But OP, you should consider a major crash training course in nutrition and exercise if you plan to be able to do this... but you might wanna see if you can switch projects to a more feasible 10K run or maybe a run/bike.

  13. Haha, i've been swimming all my life so i wouldn't know.

  14. It is swim,bike, run. I think it is for safety reasons. If you pass out from exhaustion near the end of the race you land on concrete instead of sinking in the ocean lol

  15. Yup open water is much harder and a mile is like 75 back and forth laps in a regulation pool

    I was gonna do marathon but id rather do 26 miles on a bike plus a few extra miles on the other events then run straight 26 miles.

  16. If you've been swimming your whole life you should realize that to someone who smokes cigarettes and doesn't exercise, a mile swim is really long, and probably the hardest of the three shortly followed by the run.
  17. thats not that bad, just ride or run daily
  18. This is how Michael Phelps made it to the Olympics lmao Jk

    But personally I can run pretty long while blazed..... take a tbreak, train, get a good sativa, take 1 hit. Go.
  19. +rep for bravery.

    I think you should have a place to swim if you don't already. Get lessons if you're not a proficient swimmer. Practice swimming every day.

    Adding a little distance every day is the way to go that way you don't overdo and have to take rest days to recover. Swim, then bike, then run. Every day. Put the most time into whichever presents the most difficulty.

    you're crazy:smoking:

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