I have to quit smoking weed and cigs in need of major moral support

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    FUCK FUCK FUCK I just got back from the doctors office as some of you may know I got back from the hospital thursday from a bad bacteria infection in my neck. read http://forum.grasscity.com/real-lif...isease-my-crazy-past-2-weeks.html#post3912451 if you want. Well apparently I had some spots/scarring on my lungs from the infection. Went to see the doctor today for a follow up. I asked if it was ok to still smoke. he said quote its a "BFD big fucking deal" I must IMEDDIETLY quit smoking ciggarettes and weed, as right now a ciggarette would be 10x worse for me than any1 else. I asked if I could vape... then he said something about tom cruise and being galacticly stupid.

    Fuck fuck he said he saw people with what I had and their lungs and they did not stop smoking in as little as 3 months grew an infection and had to have lung surgury and have tracheotomy and put on a ventilator.

    The fact that I know i cant smoke a cig again is making me want 1 so badly. I can still do edibles so I take some solace in that. But fuck its never gonna be the same. I have a chest xray in 6 weeks. Im hopeing god shines some light down on me and I will be able to smoke weed again. Right now i feel like absolute shit.

    Im not going to leave GC as im still going to be doing drugs (coke, pills, shrooms, cid, e) Just i cant smoke weed or cigs anymore.

    Ughhhhh why does this shit happen to me

    Could use some major moral support right now GC. :(:(

    Waiting for percs and vics to kick in.
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  2. sorry to hear that man. good luck with everything.
  3. get gum, and you can still eat weed? Also this will sound like woo woo shit but liquorice root really helped me quit smoking, just chew that bitch and it works wonders.
  4. yea as i said i can still do edibles

    goodbye marlboro red 100's i hardly knew ye

    firecracker will be out of oven ina sec.... last of my bud..... ughhhh

    least im noddin

    Dude, just eat edibles to get baked.
  6. i know im done.

    the firecracker got me pretty baked I still feel it
  7. Okay, get a second opinion on the vaporizing because if it's a lung problem, I don't see how vapor would make it worse. I guess I'd look into edibles and pills, chapstick and shit, if you want to keep getting high off weed.

    Other than that, I'd reccomend nicorette gum for a realistic solution to quitting smoking. I've had a lot of friends that's worked pretty well for.
  8. Damn grandaddy, I hate to hear that man. But on the other hand, now you get to eat a ton of edibles!
  9. good luck gdp I know you will make it out ok...all my ideas have been mentioned. But you know we got your back.
  10. I always found that I never felt like smoking for a few days after a shroom trip so maybe you just need to take a massive trip to the top of mushroom mountain.
  11. that sounds like a temporary solution to a permanent problem...
  12. yeah but the chemical addiction is fairly temporary, in fact it wears of after only about 5 days, after that it's purely psychological and given that magic mushrooms are actually quite nutritious, impossible to overdose on and easy to grow of the op was so inclined he could just eat them for breakfast every day.
  13. worst idea ever
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    yea thats what I thought, I think I will get a second opinion on the vaporizing. Im not sure the doctor fully understood what I meant, I mean its not the THC its the smoke that might cause irritation, and infection.

    EDIT: talked to dad who is also a doctor, he thinks the vaporizor will still not be good as putting anything besides air in my lungs right now might irritate it and possibly cause infection and abseses to form.... I mean that does sound pretty correct?... even vaping will cause foreign materials to come into lungs that have spots and are not 100%

    but once my internist is off vacation im going to give him a call.
  15. damn dude that really sucks.ILL light up a boage for u rite now
  16. ty man

    Right now im def not smoking anything till the xray in 6 weeks... best case scenario my lungs have had enough recovery to go back to smoking.

    If not I wait till June and hope they have really fully healed cause im going to amsterdam.

    As much as I wanna smoke I know my best bet right now is holding off and hoping they heal up. Rather than smoking and risking some pretty big consequences if things go bad, which with my luck they easily could.
  17. at the time id normally light up a bowl

    feeling really shitty knowing i cant :(:(:(

    i could cry

    haha i never thought id become this psychologically depend on weed
  18. hahahaha i hope your joking fool
  19. That is really shitty to hear. I would recommend that you stop hanging out with people who smoke for like a week or 2. I had to quit for probo and it was just too hard when I was constantly around people with bud. It was much easier to quit once I stopped hanging out with them for a week or so, and now I'm fine. I want to smoke sometimes, but it's really easy to say no.

    Right now you are best off to quit smoking for a year and see what the doctor says after that. Try to see if there are any types of medication that help rebuild lungs maybe? Stick to eddibles and other drugs, but be careful, you don't want to be doing x or coke every week or you are probably going to start to have other issues.

    Another crazy thing that I have learned, and some people might think this is crazy, but I learned it in some probation classes and it turned out to be very true. Some people are actually not addicted to drugs, but rather to the process of getting high. Sometimes, like in my case, you may think that you really want to smoke pot, but what I'm actually "addicted" to is the process of smoking pot, or doing coke, etc. When you hang out with your friends, see if they will let you roll the blunts, set up the bongs, etc. that plus the edibles might just tide over your craving to smoking pot. idk just some suggestions, but good luck bro.
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  20. Hey, I was kinda in the same situation as you.

    You just don't have catatonic/paranoid schizophrenia (as far as I know)>

    I got some severe lung damage, I have 40% of my lung capacity, so do what I do now;

    First, read a book called "Allan Carr's THE EASY WAY TO QUIT SMOKING." NO he doesn't use SCARE TACTICS, the guy was a 40-a-day smoker, and went from 40 to zero OVERNIGHT.

    Trust me, it works, and it only costs about 20 dollars.

    And then, make tea, Green Dragon, Brownies etc.

    Eat more, trip less.

    You'll enjoy it :)
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