I Have To Make A Descision

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  1. Hey guys! I'm moving real sooon, and i have two choices, either seattle or dennver. Both are fairly big cities, but i was wondering what the weed is like over there. So if you happen to be living in one of those cities, leave a reply on how good the weed is, and prices! Just trying to get the best out of this oppurtunity.
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  3. What are you looking for in a city other than mj acceptance beacuse both are very different citys
  4. Seattle has good bud
  5. Definitely go to Denver. Seattle is depressing and Denver has great winters

  6. Yeah, seattle's shitty weather has me leaning towards denver. But i'm just worried about weed!
  7. [quote name='"thumbsup"']

    Yeah, seattle's shitty weather has me leaning towards denver. But i'm just worried about weed![/quote]

    Isn't there medical in Colorado?
  8. Dude Colorado is just as good as Oregon or California.

    Denver has a ton of dispensaries and plenty of people to hook you up

  9. The rain in Seattle is very over exaggerated I live just south In Portland and we don't get much rain at all we get a lot of rainy days but it's never more than a sprinkle and our summers are amazing
  10. yeah i live in seattle and it doesnt rain that much, its just cloudy 9 months of the year and it rains like once a week and a half but when it does it goes kinda hard. either that or its that it rains every day but very little. im too high to remember which one is correct. and damn my left nut hurts hella bad i just realized my laptop has been resting on it instead of my lap this whole time
  11. The weed in Seattle is amazing. If you are
    Medical there are plenty of shops to chose from. Most charge 10-15 a gram, but there's a few that charge 10 a gram max no matter the strain.
  12. Denver no question
  13. Seattle. 206 mahfucka
  14. i wish i could move to somewhere like denver... I want to snowboard my fucking life away man..

  15. GO to the Denver Craigslist and type in medical marijuana....
    Denver is certainly better then Seattle with the herb game...
  16. Fuck seattle, colorado for the win bro
  17. Denver reminds me of a shitty Austin but with way better weed.
  18. Not only is there medical in Colorado, but in Denver it's legal for adults 21 and older to possess up to an oz for personal use. It's not legal-legal, but they don't prosecute u for it.
    Google is ur friend, my friend. Google wtf I'm talking about.

    Oh, and their bud is excellent. They have dispensaries that ALL strains including top shelf top out at 200$ an oz.

    I'll say it again: Denver>Seattle.
  19. thanks guys! I think i have made up my mind! Goin to denver!

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