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I have to go to church tomorrow lol should I go baked?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by fuzzyl0g1c, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. So I have a dilema. I haven't been to church in like 2 years (my family is religious, it sucks) but tomorrow I'm going to see my niece be "dedicated" to the church. It has to be on 4/20. Would you go baked, or would you be scared god would talk to you?
  2. Dude you have to go baked its a national holiday, ask just about anyone.
    Don't forget a water, eye drops, & eat a big meal or bring some munchies with you.
    Good Luck.
  3. It's depends on what you believe dude. Church Is one of the only places i won't go to high.
  4. Why not? Got put weed on earth so I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you used it while you were talking at him.
  5. Smoke a gotti before going. Thats what I would do. =)
  6. It's not that i think he is disapproving of weed, but i'd rather not be in an altered state of mind while i'm at church or talking to God. I'd rather have a clear mind.
  7. I'm with you on that one.
  8. While I sympathize with your statement, god never told you not to use marijuana, so why would you listen to infallible humans when they tell you not to. If it's about not being in an altered mind-state, make sure you don't drink coffee or smoke cigarettes or anything else before church either

    And it's an open question as to whether or not anybody is listening to when you talk to god
  9. rastafarian is a religon where they worship God (king salasie) and they smoke weed and use it as an holy herb to get more in touch with God. so yah i would go to church high. not my church though haha theyd fully know and id get mobbed lol.
  10. I've gone to church high a bunch of times, and I was only like 16 and was forced to go.

    You should go high.
  11. Uh, of course

    How boring is Church anyways. The only real interaction you get is waiting in line to get your bread/wine and after that it's all talk.

    Boooring. Get high
  12. It's more of a personal thing bro. Not because i'm influenced by other humans.I dont drink coffee or smoke cigarettes.

    Lets not talks theology in the MJ forum.
  13. dont see why not. i always feel closer to him when i smoke what he put on this earth
  14. This isn't a big enough deal to merit an entire thread. Go high, or don't. Your choice.
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  15. I would Go High.....God Already Knows what we do.....He says come as u are.....Being Your true self is the way 2 go.....Remember.....GOD told Adam Not 2 Eat The Apple.......GOD Never told us not 2 smoke....Man did...we answer 2 GOD not man
  16. if thats not against what you believe in, do it.
    my aunty has succeeded in draggine ma long a few times (shes christian) to her church and i was baked every time
    i would not however go to synagogue (im jewish) high. i go very rarely and for the sole purpose of to thank so not for very long. im just not cool with it. plus i can wait half an hour to smoke
  17. God made marijuana . im blazen :D
  18. I'm an atheist, but i went to easter mass at 12 (catholic) with the rents and family... because its the family thing to do (fucking lame, but yes).

    I smoked 4 full bowls of a sobe (which gets you ripped). So I ate, showered, put some rhoto in, and met up for mass. Everything's going good until the sermon, when the priest said something about the the passion of God raging hard in st. Thomas (something you would laugh hysterically at when blazed, i forget exactly what) and I burst out laughing. It was terrible and embarrassing as fuck, because some people turned around and stared, but yeah, I digress. (Holden Caufield reference anyone?)

    The point of this anecdote is that if you do go blazed, don't be completely ripped, and don't laugh at the wrong time. Sorry if this offended anyone, but yeah, what can I say, I've smoked bible paper before. I'm a sac religious fuck. And I smoke the DEVIL'S LETTUCE.
  19. my friend who is jewish once rolled a joint with bible paper. he was out of tallys and he didnt mean it as an offence or anything just thought it would be funny
  20. ive never had insane hallusinattions like taht from weed lol...i would cuz today is the holiest days of all dayas..sry for spelling i celbrated a lil early lol

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