I have to go get a drug test for wal-mart pre employment tmr morning

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    Hi guys,

    I took a long break from smoking weed (haven't smoked for a year or so) and decided to start smoking weed again in order to quit cigarettes. Recently I purchased a wax vape pen from the local dispensary. It's the THClearco pen. It contains 1 gram of cannabis concentrate in it I believe, tangie strain. It's one of the disposable vape pens. And I been hitting it nonstop every day for 2 weeks straight. I just stopped smoking it on Saturday which was 2 days ago so i been clean for about 2 days. I have to go in for a drug test tomorrow morning for Walmart pre-employment. I am nervous that I will not pass the drug test but the weird thing was I bought the Quick Screen at home Drug Test from Walgreens which tests for THC. They claim to have 99.9% accuracy on the box. I tested myself today and it came out negative which is weird...because I been hitting trees til i look chinese everyday for the past 2 weeks and only had a 2 day break (will be 2 1/2 days tomorrow when I go in for the test) (i'm asian btw lol)

    I'm not planning on buying synthetic urine (seems like too much work and don't want to get caught).

    Do you think I can past the drug test tomorrow given that I passed the At home test that I bought from walgreens? I'm nervous about it and have been drinking green tea, aloe vera, and a lot of water today.
  2. Little chance you're going to be clean IMO.

    I tested positive 2 weeks after quitting. Tolerance matters a lot, but two weeks of solid use will last more than 2 days of sobriety. I'm not expert, but that's the bro science answer I can give you.
  3. I don't think you'll pass. At least it's only walmart...
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  4. I passed lol. I know why now, i drank a ton of water before the test and my pee was really diluted. Didn't look yellow at all. I heard if its too diluted then they make u redo it but i guess the clinic i went to don't care about that...
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  5. Thanks for giving us a feedback and kudos on the new job !
  6. Actually, if your sample is too diluted, you should have failed or most likely been asked to reschedule the testing. That is strange bro but congrats.
  7. yeah i guess it depends on the employer as well? i've read that if the results came out as "negative dilute" then it's up to the employer whether or not they want you to take the test again or pass/fail you.

    Thank you!
  8. Congrats.
    Now which walmart? so i can come buy munchie food from you at a discount
  9. I buy drinks n pass eveytime even if i dont stop

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  10. i always get 2 or 3 of those cheap tests to be sure. if i pass those. I always pass the final test!

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