i have to fart and im in bed with my GF

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mechanix901, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Yea I can't even keep a throber because I have release so much air....advice?
  2. Let 'er rip, bruh.
  3. What he said, make those cheeks clap.
  4. Let it rumble in the jungle haha
  5. Let out a huge fart and then blame it on her
  6. Cup your hand against your ass to catch your fart, and put it in her face.
    Record it to please :)?
  7. Give her a dutch oven, women love ovens
  8. just do it, and if she questions it, show her this

  9. just go pretend to get water or take a piss and do it then.
  10. So you're having sex while surfing grasscity? And she's cool with it?
  11. [quote name='"Spiders"']just do it, and if she questions it, show her this


    I just posted that photo on my hubby's Facebook. It's so something we would say to each other.
  12. Here's what you SHOULD do.
    Don't make a big thing of it. Shit, even laugh.
    ...Straight up, if you can't fart in front of this chick then it's doomed.
    If/when you get into a long term relationship, you'll both probably think back to these stupid times when you felt like you'd have to act like/be something you're not for fear of their reaction...but if you can't accept that you're both human, and these things happen, then one or both of you are not being very realistic.

    It's not like you're farting in her face or something.
    I mean if it's a matter of not wanting to stink up the room...go someplace else?
  13. You can stick your penis in her, but you can't fart in front of her?
  14. It's true. If you truly love some one, you have to love all of them. Stinky farts and all. XD
  15. Fart right when you cum, it'll be great I bet
  16. dude its your "GF"? just fart bro.. let those cheeks spread and just let it rip
  17. Bro I fart all day around my bitch, we're human beings. Be mature about it
  18. Can u imagen making a thread saying "I farted so my gf dumped me" lol
  19. put your ass against her and let it rip...tell her it was an "aftershock" :eek:
  20. [quote name='"hotzepopze"']Can u imagen making a thread saying "I farted so my gf dumped me" lol[/quote]

    Lmao... I can't wait

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