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I have this..problem...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Maximillien127, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. So it seems that I have this problem and whenever I get very stoned I tend things on the internet. I know it doesn't sound that bad but in the past month I have spent well over £200 just on random shit on the internet. Last Saturday for example I spent about £30 on a new Bubbler, two grinders, Bob Marley Ashtray, Bob Marley Zippo, zippo fuel, RHCP Tee, Bottle-Bong converter, Smoking tin and Weighing scales.

    It has gotten so rotten that I don't have any more excuses for when it comes through my door. My rents keep asking and I don't really want to tell them since they are not a fan of me smoking bud.

    So what the fuck can I do to stop me from buying random shit online?

    tl;dr I buy random shit on the internet when i'm stoned, what the fuck do I do?
  2. Don't buy shit.
  3. yo if you need to buy something, me the money and you can buy me bud
  4. give your debit/credit card to your parents?
  5. Have some self-control.
  6. Just don't buy stuff?? Not that hard to figure out lol

  7. This. If you wanna, uh, buy me some things......
  8. Learn some responsibility and money management.

    If your rents are curious stop ordering.
  9. All those ellipses make it sound like you're speaking very dramatically. I like it.
  10. You'll eventually stop buying stuff. I mean, after a while, you can only buy so much shit before you realize you already have this and that, plus your tolerance to weed will be so much higher that you will be more aware.

    You could also just put your cards that you use to purchase your products in your parents wallet so the next time you get baked, you won't be able to grab it to buy your stuff again.
  11. Try stepping away from your computer when you're high. :)
  12. Right! get away from the screen and go play outside!
  13. Install a parental control program and have a friend set the password. Then make it so it blocks all internet usage at a time you know you'll be stoned.
  14. That seems like a good deal for £30

  15. Why make money if your not going to treat your self well? I would say its fine as long as you still conserve your cash and have money for rent and bills.

    If you're that stoned to where you cant control yourself buying things on the internet. Then before you go out to smoke unplug your computer, hoping you'll be to stoned to remember how to turn it on. :)
  17. just buy some of those addiction help dvds
  18. haha, you need like a time-delay safe that you can lock your debit card in for a few hours til you sober up or something man.

    anyway look on the bright side, at least you're not like the guy in the General section who gets a raging boner every time he smokes :)
  19. First world problems... have some fucking self control. Or just get rid of your debit/ credit card

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