I have this friend... his roommate is stealing... what would you do?

Discussion in 'General' started by stuthehacker, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. so, my friend has this roommate (really my friend, not me)

    he's been stealing bud... wether its from the stash, and its too little for us to know for sure... or its shake at the bottom of the jar. we know he does it.

    recently, both my friend and i have had big problems with our wisdom teeth. he's got percs, i have tylenol with codine, and darvosets.

    we both noticed pills missing. said roommate is a fan of doing lines of them.

    so... with that all said, what would you do?
    we can obviously confront him, but that's no fun.
    i was thinking of doing something to the bud, something along the lines of putting ipicac in a shot glass. but not sure what we could do.

    any fresh ideas?
  2. Catch him in the act of stealing your shit then kick his ass and he'll move out.
  3. id put a camera in the room where you keep your bud/pills and when you finally get him on camera taking your shit, just be like hey bro i got this wicked movie you gotta see and play that shit for him, his facial expression should be priceless when he sees himself on camera taking your shit
  4. Its not right but he figures if its left out, then why not. If it bugs you that much, tell him to buy some weed cause he smoked yours all up.
  5. Get that shit locked up to make it stop for the moment. Then get some bud with like PCP... like soaked.... and leave it out. Or put a few microdots in your pill container. I know I'm an asshole, but that would wicked funny... he'd panic an go get medical treatment an get busted or ask your friend for help and hafto admit taking it.
  6. I like you're ipicac idea, only thing I could say is put an eyedrop in his alcohol, he'll be puking everywhere, but ipicac is better for this situation.
  7. You should definitely videotape him doing it, then have a Chris Hansen talk with him. Or just call Chris Hansen and tell him that guy has been up to some bad business with 17 year olds.
  8. I would never leave my weed out like that, I don't trust anybody.
  9. Fuck that Id be pissed if someone I was living with was stealing my pills and weed. Confront him about it and tell him to get his own shit and stop jacking yours. Then if he bitches about it kick his ass out.
  10. Kick the fucker in the teeth. Then be like "iight, bro. We're cool. Just dont steal my shit or you'll be missing a whole bottom jaw."

    Guarante if you do it right, it wont happen again.
  11. yo thats shits fuckn hilarious hahaha
    yo what u should do is get some inching powder and but in the "jar" or w/e u said and b4 u put it in say to him thats its leke crushed up painkillers and hell snort inching powder haha! =]
  12. update: he just cleaned out keif (keef?) in the grinder.

    and it was at least a big, fat, day-ending, bowl pack in there.

    i think we might shave hair from the most awful parts of our bodies, then throw it into a grinder with some stems, then toss it in a jar as shake... video tape him stealing/smoking that.

  13. Drop kick that bitch in the side of the head, then poop on him, that will kepp him away for atleast 2-7 weeks. :):):D:D:D
  14. Omg do that shit. Then show him the tape and be like "YOU SMOKED MY PUBES BITCH"

    Hahaha I bet he'd stop jacking your weed after that.
  15. confront him before he steals the rest of your shit
  16. seyt his hair in fire while hes asleep and when he wakes up screaming throw itching poweder on him and say :haha bitch thats my weed:!

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