I have the shittiest weed ever!

Discussion in 'General' started by TheBigDogg, May 25, 2006.

  1. A lot of people brag about how great their weed is; all I have to brag about it how shitty and dirty mine is!!!! I would bet that I have some of the worse weed you people have ever seen!!! Can you imagine a little somewhat compressed pile of dirt, sticks and stems? Can you imagine peeling all bullshit aside so you can get straight to the dirt to pack in your bowl and smoke? Roll a fat joint or beezy with it? Well that is how my weed is, it is like dirt but believe it or not it is actually weed! Tonight I'm going to take some pictures to prove my point, so if I have any challengers on who has worse weed you can feel free to holla right here.
  2. LMAO cant wait too see the pics.I can only imagine.
  3. i challenge you. even though id lose, cause my weed is the shiznit!!
  4. Please post those pictures.

    I've known people in Kansas that got weed like that (well it was green but bad) until I introduced them to a certain few ;)

    Now they're getting stuff that mainly looks more like this... :D yes the photo is way to dark, bud is much lighter green and sparkles

    My point, keep meeting people who smoke. Ask around. Ask where people get bud, ask them if they can cop you a sack. Just always be open to meeting new people and no matter where you are eventually you'll run into some kill dank. Just be patient.

    (I'm not saying this is the best bud ever, but it's some the best stuff around my parts while I'm at school, and my guy usually has at least a pound of bud of this quality at any given time which is nice.
  5. Prepare to be amazed by THE SHITTIEST WEED EVER!!!!!

    Got a few things to do first but I assure you I'll post them later...
  6. I had some SHWAG the other day....I'll take some pix of it too sometime
  7. lmao cant wait. ive never seen schwag. just mids or dank.

  8. Lol, I've been smoking for years, I don't need lessons on 'how' to get good herb. I can find some decent shit if I want but it's priced higher...gets you higher.

    I just want to display the "swag" that we have here in L..(SWIM's place haha), at least in my area. I suggest moving your computer by the toilet when you look at the pics later because ...well, lets just say it isn't the most appealing bud.
  9. post them shits
  10. i just cooked some shit weed yesterday. yum.
  11. Enjoy!!!

    Mmm so so good! :) :metal: :yay: :yummy: :smoking: :yay: :yay: :yay:

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  12. like the first pic doesnt look bad.
  13. Too bad you can't really make out the color of that first pic, it's terrible!!!!
  14. better than nothing, eh?
  15. how much do you pay for it is the real question
  16. Yeah at what cost?
  17. I can get an Oz. for 50. Regardless of the price though, the quality of this weed just doesn't exist anywhere else. I wish I had a better quality picture so you could see the exact color os this shit, it's like black.
  18. lol... then wtf are you smoking it for?
  19. i got a bad buzz from just seeing those 'buds'

  20. Ive seen worse.

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