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I have the cash just sitting here, where are you?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Not to complain, but i'm sure many of you can relate.. don't you hate once you have withdrawn like $200 for a certain amount of bud, then it doesn't work out, and you have to wait until the next day?
    It's like you have the money but the product and the sellers just didn't show
  2. Grow your own
  3. always a bitch man.

    then you spend the money on a lesser quality and the next day the supply flourishes.
  4. Dry Times man, I feel ya. And it's not even your fault.. it's like they're trying to play god at your expense!

    Shit sucks.
  5. Yup, thought about hititng the mids boy up today :(
  6. Ya it sucks, I was expecting most posters to be like "Get a better dealer bro" but sadly I live in a really rich spoiled city, so dealers could care less about making 10-15 bucks. It's not NYC sadly.
  7. yeah man

    my dealer's had nothing since tuesday, he said he would ring me as soon as he had anything, phoned him again yesterday and nothing...

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