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I have the best idea for a hiding spot

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChiefBuddha, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Now this idea may have already been introduced but i've been using it and thought i'd share it. You go buy just a random semi big candle. They usually have a sticker on the bottom. Take this sticker off. Go get a drill. Drill a hole of the desired size. Stick bag of marijuana inside. Place sticker back on. Bam. Now its smell proof since its disguised from the candle scent and it looks non suspicious just having a candle sitting there. I hope this helps atleast one person out. got love
  2. Yeah, till you forget and burn the candle and waste all your weed (melting plastic onto it).
  3. Well i think if your hiding something where ever it is that place is going to be a significant place and you won't look past it, so I don't think forgetting your stash is hidden there is an issue. Just dont light the candle, i never have haha.
  4. I thought about this also but I thought like melt a hole in the candle then stick bud in an cover it

  5. Yeah, but what kind of person will intentionally stick a bag of weed in the candle then go ahead and light it after?
  6. .....Like I said, if you forget. Which stoners do all the time.
  7. Well thats like saying don't hide it at all cause theres that chance you could forget. Just remember that this is the candle you hide your weed in? Its really not hard to do man
  8. Well judging from the stories people tell on here, there are plenty of people dumb enough to end up doing it. And if for some reason someone else lights it, or someone else takes it to put in their room/the bathroom/they have company/whatever.

    This is all assuming he meant putting the candle out in the open. If you hide the candle itself then you'd probably be totally okay.
  9. Drill it out then melt some wax in the hole and placing a medicine bottle in there so it stays in then it's golden
  10. I mean thats all possible i guess. But who goes and just jacks someones candle? You're looking past the great idea :smoke:
  11. sounds like a good idea, ddog7x stop trolling

  12. You can hide the candle to. And if anyone happens to find it at the bottom of your closet chances are they won't phuck with it. And for people who live on there own which i think most people on these forums do someone finding it wouldn't be a problem.

    Second of all this forum is full of guys. I have yet to meet a guy who lights candles.

    Third of all you would be able to tell it wasn't as heavy as a real candle as soon as you picked it up.

    Fourth of all i have yet to meet a stoner who forgot where they put there whole stash. I have never even forgotten where i have put a bag. Much less an ounce.
  13. do you have a vacuum cleaner?
  14. I've read plenty of stories on here of people forgetting where they left their weed.
  15. Everyone can change my idea to what best fits there situation. It was just a general idea. No need to break it down and analyze every possible thing that could happen. Just tryin to help out anyone I can.

  16. Then the idea is for people who don't forget shit... If you are gonna forget you are gonna forget. Whether or not your weed is in a candle doesn't matter. You are just as likely to forget that you put it in your shoe and never see it again.
  17. Most people use their shoes every day though...

  18. When i stash my bud in my shoes. Don't put it in a pair of shoes that i wear.
  19. I would forget an light the candle haha. Then search for my bud forever. But cops would be confused as to why the candle is a little light no?
  20. I give away all the shoes I don't wear. But whatever.

    Party hard thread?


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