I have some seeds.. help me pick what to grow next. tell me if you have grown these out..

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  1. I have these seeds to choose from for my next grow.

    I will be growing in ocean forest soil in a 5 gallon smart pot and be using the GO Box as my nutrients.

    Grown under a mars 300 and a 180 watt ufo led (i use them both together)

    Anyone grown any of these out????

    Auto Seeds - Purple Cheese (formerly purple stilton)

    Speed Seeds - Diesel Autoflower

    Barneys Farm- Ayahuasca Purple

    Simply Female Seeds - Honey Haze

    Reserva Privada - OG #18

    If anyone reads this thread and has grown any of those out let me know how they were for you.
  2. Gotta pop em all !
  3. I have grown sour diesel but not autoflower. Anyway, I hope that OG #18 turns out good. I have smoked real nicely grown OG18. If done right, that stuff is sugar sweet and can get up to 29% THC. I believe it won the high times cannabis cup strain of the year back in two thousand whatever ( I have only seen it in the last 5 years). But yeah.keep an eye on that one fer sure :)

  4. I only have a single seed of og #18 I may end up growing it out.

    I'm really curious about barneys farm ayahuasca purple.

    I have grown some auto seeds (the company) before I grew out their transiberian autoflower and got a quarter pound dry off 1 single plant in 5 gallons of soil. I was impressed.

    I have heard og #18 can be amazing.

    those diesel auto's from speed seeds are the cheapest fem auto seeds i have ever seen. they're sold out right now but they were the cheapest seeds on a site i use.. coming in at 3.00$ per seed.

    honey haze I dont even really want.. sativa so itl take forever and only 16% thc
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  5. when you only have a mars 300 and 180 watt ufo i can only grow 2 plants at once.

    the mars 300 is 132 actual watts and my ufo is 93 actual watts so in actual LED wattage I have 225 watts.. that would be perfect for 2 plants in my 4x3 closet. I grow one plant under each light and I have room to put 2 plant both in 5 gallon containers. I could do 4 autos in like 1.5 gallon containers but personally I'd rather have 2 good plants (3+ footers) instead of 4 smaller plants in 2 gallon containers etc.

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