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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BlackMassStoner, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. Hey my friend is growing about 30sum plants and he has been using grow juice and they have been doing great and growing thick and bushy...their only 2 weeks old from seed and a few clones...Now he would only use a couple squirts of the grow juice to 1 gallen of water and they seem to do great but yesterday he was reading abut how much to use and he said he wasnt giving them what they needed so he added more and heres what i noticed about the plants the next day...First some was wilting and the tips of the leaves are twisting alittle and theres also some green stuff on the soil that wasnt there before or at least as bad....Should we lower the amount of grow juice to what we had it at when they was doing fine? also whats your thought on superthrive? we was going to start using 1 drop to a gallen of water with the grow juice also...Now the green thats on the soil ,does that mean the ph level is to high?......just incase you ask were using a 1000watt hps light...The temp is 70 in the room and the humdity is 40-45...he also has the plants on skids so the cold floor wont draw the temp of the plants down....also we have them in soil..miracle grow...for his next batch of plants he was going to use fox farms ocean forest soil...supposed to be better than promix...they said just dont put any fertalizers in the water for a month because it has all the stuff you need in the soil already and you could burn up the plants....Any Advice or opinions on anything i talked about would would help lol :) and sorry about the improper syntax and spelling lol
  2. Ok woody,thank you very much

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