I have some questions for the more experienced hydro growers

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  1. I have 2 4x4 trays one for veg, one for bud. 1000 watt mh for veg 1000 watt hps for bud, general hydroponic nutes, expanded clay for medium, ventilation and climate control system, ph great ppm's great, 78 degrees temp, 38 percent humidity, mylar and 8 feet of upward grow room. Hybrid plants how much should i possibly yield???? they are hybrid plants called sweet tooth. local colorado favorite. my friends grow it in soil and they get a QP in the same lighting. will hydro yield more???
  2. it depends on how good you are with ur plants and what kind of technique you use. I would say if you top, and then SCROG or LST your plant you'll be doing pretty good. Don't worry about what everyone else gets you'll get plenty:hello:

    topping- http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute-beginners/122559-how-fimming-topping-made-easy.html

    SCROG- http://forum.grasscity.com/advanced-growing-techniques/48363-scrog-method.html

    LST- http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute-beginners/122936-how-lst-low-stress-training.html

    How many plants you have?
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    4x4 1000 w hps flower will yield you at least 1/2 lbs or you have a problem.

    you should shoot for 1 lbs+ once you feel comfortable 2 or three runs in.

    Get a light mover and you can put that baby closer to the canapoy for better light penetration.

    Depending on genetics/growing technique you can run 6 - 24 plants in that tray with a simple ebb and flow hydro. or you can drop the tray to the floor and use soil and get more grow space if you plan to use a larger breed plant.

    Soil vs Hydro

    At this level your not gonna see to much of a difference on yield. Its going to depend on your comfortably with a safe soil set up or a more attention needing hydro. Soil is more straight forward and hydro can require some more patients and problem solving. How space age you wanna get with your growing.

    Just remember the more complicated the set up the more you need to know to grow. But if you love to tinker and want to "maximize your yield" learning the ropes and going hydro is a must.

    also wanted to add:

    Sell that 1000 mh and use the funds to buy a good t5 and a couple leds (leds can be expensive 2 t5's would also be sufficient) to get your plants to node well in veg. there gonna stretch under the 1000 for veg and you will loose yield having to top and control you plants and move them to flower to fast. You will also save cost in cooling.

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