I have some jams I would like you to hear

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  1. Hi there.

    I guarantee you've never heard of me, as I haven't done anything super notable anywhere. If you google ALMN, you're not going to find anything really interesting. I hope this post can change that a little bit.

    My name is Matt, I'm primarily a solo musician with 3 albums out, and I'm also in a stoner metal duo with my #1 homie. I like to play heavy metal, rock, and some of that psychedelic groovin shit.

    My bandcamp: Matt Logie
    - features my 3 solo albums and one live album I did with my homie before we officially formed our group. on everything except for VIP Live, I wrote and performed all parts

    Some youtube links:
    Burgs 'n' Dawgz LIVE:
    -40 minutes of stoner metal improv jams

    Wayne Thurlow LIVE:
    -a 20 minute stoner epic, complete improv, with some decent camera work. I did not mix this one well, and I apologize

    thanks for looking, even if you think i/we suck. I love you
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  2. I've got to ask man, what kind of bass is that? You're getting some mad sustain on some of those notes.

    It's easy to tell the two of you guys have chemistry playing together, and you'll only get tighter the more you jam. For advice, I recommend the drummer use a metronome through an ear bud or headset and the bassist follow the tempo because there were a few spots that you guys would slow down and pick up.

    Keep up the good work, guys!

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  3. The bass is a Laurel. My first bass that I got almost 13 years ago in a starter pack. It's wonderful.

    Yeah me and D (the bassist) have been playing together as long as we've known each other. We found out we could improvise well together, and we do it all the time now.
    As for metronomes, naw. It's improv, baby. There's a lot of tempo slew, but I'd rather put up with that than a metronome, especially because sometimes the tempo just straight changes. Sometimes the tempo is just a mess, as you can tell in the last 4 minutes of Wayne Thurlow, but that's because D is throwing on a loop and he hasn't quite mastered it yet. Oh well.

    I appreciate the feedback, bro. Keep an ear out for some new jams once we can find some time to get away from work and knock em out. Got a studio session booked with a buddy of ours on 4/21 so by then we should be nice and..."inspired." :)
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  4. pretty cool, get a guitar player and round the sound out

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