i have serious question?

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  1. have anyone ever brought some seeds online and got shipped to not illegal state explain usa south.
    from where
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  2. These banks will ship to any state.
    Seed Vault Of California
    Great Lakes Genetics
    Greenline Organics
    James Bean CO
    Oregon Green Seeds
    Connoisseur Seed Bank
    Neptune Seed Bank
    Southern Oregon Seeds
    Oregon Elite Seeds
    Illuminati Seeds
    Heady Gardens
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  3. All the banks I listed are legit and based in the US and they will ship to all states.
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  4. Most places it is against the law like canada us n what not. Seen a arrest the other day for giving seeds
  5. The vault attitude herbies all shipped to me in deep south usa

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  6. I'm in the south on the coast. I'm about to order mine from a US based bank in the next two weeks. No customs to clear and they should arrive within a week or two. I'll update when I get to it.
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  7. I am looking at GreenLine Organics and Southern Oregon Seeds
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  8. now i got a problem the card i brought from cvs cant use to buy seed out of usa
  9. so what should I do

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