i have serious addiction, help

Discussion in 'General' started by smokeyeyes12, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. I can't stop watching jersey shore. its on tonight and im gettin anxious jus thinking about it. help please, i don't want to pass this on to my kids or influence this garbage on anyone else. Should I try for counselling or psychologist?
  2. you betta stop cause that shits gay homie

    oh yeah and someone already posted this exact thread in the television forums...idk if it was you or not
  3. Lmao, stop watching that shit and watch Dexter. Much better show, not even a comparison. Jersey Shore is full of tools
  4. i dont know what to do. i was never like this....i just started flippin channels one day and watched a whole marathon...i cant stop now...ronnie and sams final breakup is more anticipating and exciting than sports these days. pleeeeassseeee help

    i also almost shed tears when snooki got arrested
  5. haha i really hope that you are joking. if you're actually being serious, well, seek professional help for that, maybe a rehab center for a while
  6. please be joking we already have enough tools in this world we dont need them here on GC too:wave:

  7. You know it's all scripted right?

    Oh and fun fact. That fat bitch on the first teen mom got paid $280,000 for a years worth of filming. Makes you think twice about these "reality" shows huh.
  8. you need to smoke more pot and watch some trailer parkboys
    everyone needs a good laugh now n then
  9. Ive never seen that show but I can tell a bunch of lames watch it and actually act like some of these duech bags, and whores. Im not saying your a lame.. That is of course unless you watch it haha
  10. Yo nothing wrong with being addicted to a sick show!!! Do a countdown man, that shit is on in what, less than 5 hours? awwww yeeeeeeah

  11. :hello::hello::hello:
    I watch on a daily basis. nowutimsayin??
  12. Lotta tits on that show :D
  13. Everything on TV is fake. Your news is fake, commercials, sitcoms, reality shows, even the different channels. It is all a way for the industry to sell itself by creating the perception that you have a variety of channels, but they are all owned by a few different companies. The television and antibiotics are two of the greatest inventions of our time. Before TV, your house was a sanctuary that protected you from the outside when you got home. Now, they have a way to reach into your house, advertise, and mold you into a perfect consumer. They have teams that have it down to a science on when to subtly advertise a show or product in order to get maximum results. Those experts base such work off of the field of social psychology. Why do you think that is the fastest growing field of psychology? its because these companies hire or fund social psychologists to do studies about things such as this so that they have molding you down to a science. Otherwise, social psychology is a field that would have stayed small because of lack of funding. It's what got me out of the field.

    sorry for the rant. other than that jersey shore is still the shit, I watch it.
  14. 5 hours and jersey shores on WOOOOHOOO

    i hate myself for this

    why oh god why did i watch it


    i cant stopppp myself AHHH JERSEY SHORE
  15. haha u funny man. that last line kind of took me by surprise. Tv is bullshit for the most part. I rarely watch it, unless it's something like Always Sunny in Philadelphia, South Park, a couple other animated shows (family guy, adult swim stuff).
    For the most part, it's better to do something else constructive to pass time though, other than getting hit with Wendy's Baconator ads left and right.
    mmmmm all dat bacon
    all dat bargain
  16. Get rid of your TV and read a book.
  17. Is this how you want you kids to be?

  18. the short fat one looks just like the short fat one from the show

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