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  1. I've only dated & had sex with two women, one was for about 4-5 months, the other 2 & 1/2 Years (and we had a kid together). These women had many boyfriends and partners before me, and jumped into a relationship soon after dating me. I eventually want to return to the dating scene but would like to ask a few questions to hear some of your opinions.

    My questions, How can some of these women jump from relationship to relationship? The 1st girl was in a relationship the next day! And my baby mama was in a relationship 2 & 1/2 months later!

    Are there women who don't date/fuck every guy on the planet or is it just in their nature? I'm not insecure, and don't care about dating a girl who's had multiple partners, just wondering.
    What makes me a magnet for these women who use me up, then drop me like a dead weight after they've sucked me dry?

    I'm not some guy who routinely get's friend zoned or any of that shit, I'm a good looking guy, pretty laid back, I can clearly see that women have some level of attraction for me and I can reciprocate if I need to, I'm not a pushover (or at least I don't think I am), I am confident in who I am and my abilities and know exactly what I want in a woman.

    I have a kid, that's not my problem. How do I bring up to my next potential girlfriend that my Baby Mama & her mama are hellbent on making my life a living hell, and are high conflict and dramatic people? Obviously this is something that I'm assuming would scare off most potential partners.

    How do I find wing-men who don't get little man syndrome around me? I'm 6'6" tall, about 280lbs, have dark skin. It seems like one of my friends (short, pale, charisma but not too HWP) get little man syndrome around me when a pretty girl enters our company, and I'm made the butt of the jokes, and they go into overdrive trying to get the attention of these women. If I comment to him that the girl was totally checking me out and/or into me, he tells me it was all in my imagination, or that it's how these women normally act and I"m just being a pervert, or they have boyfriends.

    Thanks Blades & Bladettes, You're the best.
  2. a lot of people run into a new relationship or a new person to just fuck/be close with in some way after a relationship because they have never allowed themselves the time alone to grow emotionally mature enough to be alone. (This is where you get phrases like "rebound-relationship")
  3. Lmao grow a pair bro your dating the wrong type of women but yeah like you said most women have no morals or self respect so good luck haha
  4. You have a kid, that's not your problem? Did I misunderstand something or was that really blaze? 
    I don't know. Calling a woman Baby Mama... Yea. I think you're too focused on what the problem is and how to fix it instead of just chilling the fuck out. Women sense if you're too eager, which you seem to be, and it ain't attractive. 
    1. Because they are constantly on the prowl for the bigger and better deal, even when they are with the bigger and better boyfriend they are still talking and flirting with other men to find an even bigger and better one until they become satisified or start making better choices. You really cant blame them tho, we all have a nature and abide by it, these peoples nature is to continue to progress in life by latching onto stronger and stronger people.
    2. Women have desires just as we do, some girl with a nice ass that wears yoga pants and is really fit and wears a tank top all the time with a nice thick sized bra is going to attract a ton of male attention, i dont give a fuck if your not attracted to this person your still going to look bear minimum.
    with that being said having a nice six pack is going to get you a ton of pussy, women may say otherwise but gimme a break you put a big ripped dude infront of her shes going to melt, this dude is an alpha, she cannot help but give up to the alpha, as you said this is in her nature and it is in the alphas nature to seek out these women that give it up, it is a vicious cycle my friend.
    3. Its not that your a magnet, its that this is your comfort zone, this behaviour is what your comfortable with, if you want a different type of women you gotta enter a different type of comfort zone and you just wont be comfortable there so get there as soon as you can, these experiences arent supposed to wear you down theyre supposed to grind down these types of women until you know the kind you want and then seek this type of person out and compromise or do whatever you must to be successful with said person.
    Also letting yourself get fucked over by these women is a pretty easy thing to do, have a handle on your emotions and dont let somebody use them to manipulate you. When this is happening 2, 3. 4 times you know its not the womens fault because theyre not the common denominator in this problem, you are.
    4. Exactly the way you told us, also you need to get this shit under control before you enter a relationship because what your basically saying to this person is "These people own me because im a bitch, so by association they now own you too" that may not be what you wanna hear, but that is pretty much your situation and that is what will end up happening, you wanna make sure you can control that situation instead of dragging somebody into it and have them be all fucked up by it as well. 
    5. You dont, your a big dude, your an alpha, if you wanna be and act the part (You may not think that way but these women sure do) the last thing you need is a wingman because your going to make most men insecure with your size alone and if they see a weakness in your personality they are going to take that opportunity to shit all over you and make you feel like your not alpha, it is in their nature to do this so that they can remain competitive when seeking out a mate as well, take no fucking prisoners and if you gotta mack on some dudes girl who is half your size that is what you do because nature has gifted you with these features that make women get all wet and wanna fuck you and not somebody half their size.
  6. Ugh , this thread makes my feminist senses tingle.

    Maybe it's the type of girl you're into that's got you in your situation with your fucked up views of women.

    1.How can women jump from relationship to relationship?
    -how can men do the same? I believe it can be either conflicts of interests or that's just how they live , if you don't feel like the relationship is going anywhere , then on to the next. You aren't dating just to date , your dating for the potential of growing with that person , if you don't see a future with whoever you are with , than that's not the right person for you.

    2.Are there women who don't fuck or date every guy on the planet or IS IT JUST IN THEIR NATURE.
    -lol bro. Maybe looking for women in a library or at work instead of the club or your homeboys get togethers will do you some good. Is it just in their nature? We're you being serious when you said that or nah , lol. We get urges and wanna fuck just like men do , but it's up to the females standards of herself whether she chooses to find a quick fuck budy (as men often do , or say they do) or stick to her toy or something. That statement was pretty misogynistic either way.

    3.What makes you a magnet after sucking your dick or some shit
    -so you go from asking why women fuck every guy , to how women suck you dry and drop you.
    Because boo , you where a quick fuck or suck. Something they wanted at the time , something they did , you let them do it , and now they're finished with you. Ever heard on a one night stand? Well that happened to you boo.
  7. Ugh please die.
  8. Most men i know don't either when you've seen your boys cheat on their girl and women cheat on their man its what it is. I have morals and respect. People in are society no longer have values and self respect.
    Hell yeah I am, I think I'm going to just take a few years off the dating scene and enjoy being single. I agree. She falsely accused me of domestic & child abuse, got a restraining order, and 2 1/2 months later replaced me with another man.  :rolleyes: I paid bills, I was going to college and getting a degree, I was a good father and boyfriend, I went above and beyond. What do I get, a totally ungrateful fucking cunt who went well out of her way to destroy my & our daughters life, because she's too immature to deal with the fact that she got dumped for being a shitty girlfriend. 
    I mean how to I bring up to my next partner the fact that the mother of my child is fucking insane? (BTW the mother of my child is a high conflict person who loves starting drama over every little thing). I probably am eager :laughing:, I didn't get enough booty from my X (the relationship became sexless after our daughter was born)
  10. half the people in this thread seem like they didn't pay very close attention to the OP....
  11. about your ex, you gotta take responsibility for that. You were with her for a while and had a kid...so if she's a nutcase, you're guilty by association. Ask yourself, how did you end up with a nutcase to begin with? How did you let that relationship last as long as it did? When you're able to answer these questions truthfully you should have no problem with it in regards to new women.

    About your view on women, you gotta take responsibility for that. If you honestly think being a slut, irresponsible, or any negative characteristic is in a woman's nature,(very bold claim, btw), the problem is yours- not those women. Where are you meeting these women? Are you looking in an alley only to get upset when you find a stray? (Lol) Again, you are guilty by association. Or, you know what they say, you attract people who you are qualitatively matched with. Are you the catch you think you are?

    It might sound harsh but to me its just math and somethin' aint adding up here.
    K, thats all the thoughts i have for you. I really hope they might be of assistance to you though...at least a lil bit.

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