i have pneumonia.

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    I had pneumonia about 6 years ago. I remember that I was so tired and run down that they originally thought I had mono (turns out, the coughing fits were stressing my muscles so I was physically tired and they were also interrupting my sleep so I was mentally fatigued). I was 12, so I don't remember alot of it, but I remember being sick for a month and missing at least a week of school.

    Feel better!

  2. yeah ive heard it can be deadly... scary shit.

    i was sick for a good ten days before i saw the doctor, but i guess it was still the flu for most of that time...
  3. ty

    the tiredness is unbelieveable. i really didnt experience a lot of coughing, i just figured the infection in my lungs is interfering with my bodys ability to get oxygen and thats why im sooo tired. i need to cough though, to clear out all the shit down there, and it wasnt happening until i started taking mucinex.

    im feeling better i guess, just got back from work and ive had more energy today than the last two weeks... so i guess im recovering. im still nowhere near 100 or even 75 percent.

    i hope i dont die.

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