i have pneumonia.

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  1. its been 10 days since i first got sick, and today i finally got my ass up to the doctor.

    pneumonia is what i have. he gave some antibiotics and some other shit. i didnt ask him if i should vaporize. im pretty sure i know the answer to that.

    i'll be off the next few days for sure, i hardly have the strenth to walk and i feel horrible.

    anyone else here ever have pneumonia?
  2. thats ruff. do you get opiates for that?
  3. i'm sorry bro that sucks, hopefully that clears right up.
  4. no, no opiates. unfortunately.
  5. yup, the vape works wonders
  6. Yeah its pretty shit.
  7. actually i was thinking i shouldnt be vaporizing, especially since i dont have a diffuser. ive been doin it though, bc ive been really fucking bored.
  8. Never heard of a diffusor for a vaporizer...
  9. its just the little piece of plastic you use to hook up the whip to a bong.
  10. Man that shit sucks. I went to the docter a few weeks ago and the said I had asmtha, bronchitis and pneumonia, it went away for a while and now it's coming back again. I hate feeling all that shit in my lungs
  11. That sucks man, all three?

    @ OP: A guy I work with had pneumonia. He said it was two weeks of sitting in bed and coughing up little bits of mucus. Said it felt like a ball of mucus was in his lungs.
  12. Yeah and I had no history of asthma so that was weird
  13. i guess i should be thankful i only got one :smoke:
  14. Get well soon.
  15. i had pneumonia I was 12 and had chronic bronchitis since then. Recently I have acquired asthma as well from smoke inhalation (an apartment on my floor caught on fire, my unit was an end unit and thats where all the black smoke went..my place)

    But in the past 2 years i quit smoking cigs, and switched to vaporizing and bonging, and I have never had pneumonia or bronchitis since.

  16. me too. :)

    i did have bronchitus once, about 5 years ago. i had been up for over two days on adderal and my immune system collapsed bc i didnt eat and i smoked a lot of cigs. then i was really fucking sick for awhile, couldnt smoke anything.

    this time my system was compromised by too much exercise and not enough rest.
  17. My dad had pneumonia I hope you get better soon.
  18. tyvm.

    im getting better, but its been shitty. ive had no strengh at all for the last week, just been laying in bed all day. ive never felt weakness like this, its ridiculous. on a positive note ive been playing so much poker ive made a little bit of money. unfortunatley its nowhere near enough to cover what ive lost by not being at work.

    just taking it one day at at time...

  19. Just a note for anyone who suspects they have pneumonia, it can kill you within 2 days, no joke. Get to a doctor at the smallest sign of it because it can be life or death. I had the flu and luckily I didn't get pneumonia too because my mom was being stupid and kept saying oh you're fine it's just a cold. I was bed ridden for a week, bruised ribs from coughing and didn't eat for 4 days. I toked up and didn't even get the slightest munchies.

    I trailed off my bad :smoking:

    Anyways better safe than dead

    This has been a Papoose PSA. Thank you :)

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