I have pneumonia, but I really want to smoke.

Discussion in 'General' started by hokaytokay, Jan 31, 2011.

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    What would cheech and chong do?
    probably roll up a fat one.

    i know i shouldn't smoke, but is it so terrible if i smoke a bowl before class tomorrow? i've been on meds for two days (haven't smoked in those two), I have enough left for one whole day (2 pills a day) there's no more refills required.

    the day before I went to the doctor's I smoked a few bowls without knowing I had pneumonia.

    or maybe i shouldn't smoke.
    im really indecisive.
    what do you think?
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    Pneumonia is an inflammation of your lungs and taking in smoke isn't going to be helping you in your recovery.

    In this instance I would try to hold off until you're feeling better man.
  3. Why can't you wait? Get some self control.
  4. I say wait it out or eat an edible.
  5. Vape it.
  6. Vape or make a firecracker or something. Smoking will not help you get any better.

  7. Listen to her, shes an expert

  8. through this whole, having pneumonia experience i've realized that i lack that. i've realized that i have a bad physiological dependency on marijuana, or at least that's what it feels like. but i decided not to smoke this morning so i suppose that's a step in the right direction.

  9. to those of you that suggested vaping it, i don't have access to one : ( such a shame, i've only vaped a few times. and as for edibles, i don't have any currently. every time i eat cookies or brownies i get reeeeeeeal sleepy. it's not my favorite. thank you for the suggestions though :)
    what's a firecracker? ive never heard the term before.
  10. I feel ya. I was a habitual smoker and I didn't do it socially I just did it because I was so used to doing it. Stop for a few days and you will feel as though you don't need it anymore. :wave:

  11. thanks for the kind words. :)
  12. cheech and chong are the 2 of the biggest dumbasses on the planet why would you follow in their footsteps? not saying they are not hilarious though
  13. yea edibles are really good when your sick so you dont mess with ur lungs

    i used to have asthma kinda but my lungs are much better now but when i get sick its still really hard and painful to smoke

    make one of these tho and youll feel 100 times better


  14. i was just making a funny, they mean well.

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