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I have panic attacks, should I stop Smoking?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by amirjochenberg, Mar 21, 2012.

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    First, sorry for my english, and that I talk like Borat lol

    So, i'm 18 years old and I've started to smoke a half year ago.
    In the first times I've smoked I fell very bad, but as the time past, I learned to enjoy from being high... (In my 4th and on i've started to enjoy the cannabis).
    I've smoking 2 or 3 times in a month (average).
    But sometimes when i've smoked, I had panic attacks (once it were when I was near my home and I thought that my parents will catch me...)
    Last month, I've smoked pot and I've smoked a very strong stuff, and I had a panic attack and I thought that I had heart-attack because my heart beat was very high. couple days after when i've smoked and had the panick attack, I ran in school to start improving my capacity... and because my capacity was very low so i had some pain in the chest and from then the nightmare began...
    I had a panics (and i were sober) that I really had heartbreak in the last time i've smoked, and the panics cause a little pain in the chest (not the pain that I had when I ran... it's a pain of being panic and pressure). and after a day (a week after the smoking) I was very very panic and I were afraid that i'm going to be a lunatic and a paranoid for good. So I went to doctor (i didn't tell him about the cannabis, only that i have pains). So I did EEG and Echo-Heart and the results were good - I didn't had an heart attack and my heart is fine... but still I've got some paranoy for some few days and it almost gone after a two weeks (most of the days I were good but somedays I woke with the pains and the bad thoughts...).
    The bad thoughts cause because I've allways thought about it and i've allways were afraid if it's going to over for good, or that i'm going to be depressed and some panaoy for good... in the last days some guy told me to try smoke again but a little, and if i will smoke again and again I will overcome the thoughts and i will not be depressed anymore... so I've smoked yesterday... and i've got some paranoys (now it was from a very little amount of weed), and now i have those bad thoughts that it's possible that i'm going to be lunatic or depressed for good. (but not so much as when I thought that i had an heart-attack a week after the joint that I had last month)...

    My question is what should I do? Should I keep smoking and overcome the thoughts or I must stop smoke and see a Psychologist?
    the thing is, that I paid for a trip to Amsterdam next week (for a big gig of Armin van Buuren if you know him...) and I don't know if to smoke or not... (in Amsterdam it's legall so I will not have the paranoy that i will get "caught", but still all those thoughts of being lunatic or depressed for ever cause me to think about it).

    PS: in the last time i've smoked, the thing that i were afraid of is that my heartbeats were very high again...

    Another PS: Even before i've started smoke weed, I were a "care" person... I were'nt really paranoid but, my friends used to call me a "digger" (it's a nick in hebrew to somebody who that talk very much and think about the little things in all things)...
    Also I was diagnosed with IQ 139, and I heared once that people with high IQ are in a risk group of psychotic attacks and paranoys...
  2. I've had a couple slightly weird experiences on weed before too. Usually it isn't a huge deal. Just try smoking less and chilling out a bit. An elevated heart beat can be pretty normal for when your stoned. After your tolerance builds up I guarantee it'll stop happening.
  3. Calm down man. Stop thinking about your heartbeat and stop thinking about being crazy forever. I took something I can't talk about on here and it kind of activated my panic/anxiety. Anytime I'd smoke after that I'd feel the same way I did on the other drug and it started happening sober, like you. It's been about three and a half years and I'm getting better now. Still only smoke like, .2, but I'm starting to get my life back.

    I did go to a therapist and psychologist, but I refused to take any medication. I figured if I started it in my head, I can finish it in my head. By keeping myself busy, not smoking as much, and putting those thoughts out of my head I have come a long way.

    Good luck man. It is all in your head and you bring it upon yourself. Stop thinking about permanent insanity or something, as that's a very scary thought and could trigger anxiety in a lot of people.
  4. stop watching porn.

  5. WTF?

    oh and people, i've read that cannabis with more CBD should slove my problem... is that true?
  6. I would recommend some Indica strains, they contain more cbds than thc so you will get the desired effect. Or just smoke Reggie or less high grade at once lol
  7. maybe that's your problem.
    one time a day or more is too much.
    it can cause complications in some people, i've read. similar to what this sounds like.

    i don't see how weed could cause effects days afterwards like you speak of.
  8. First thing - if you're still worried about your heart, go get that figured out. It will make the panic go away. I was just like this about a year ago.

    Look up something called "premature ventricular contraction". Common thing that causes pain but won't always show up on an ECG unless it's happening as they watch.

    Smoking causes higher blood pressure. Makes your heart work more even if you're sitting on a couch. So the PVCs will probably happen more often if that is what is wrong.

    I think it's all in your head. Even if you have all these things wrong (I have had them at some point in life) you are ok to smoke. You just need to know that you're ok so you don't panic.

    You're ok. :p
  9. People used to not see that the world is round. :cool:
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    how the hell do you know that i jerk off once a day? (it's true)

    and if we talk about this, i don't remember that jerk offs cause me anxiety or even depressing before i've smoked weed... and when I were very paranoid (month ago), I remember that when I went jerk off, the anxiety has gone a little because I didn't thought about the parania and all that shit...
    but it's true that I am little angry about that I jerk off and not having a girlfirend... the problem is that i'm to cocky and show too high self esteem near girls to avoid rejections, and i'm in love with a very complicated girl for two years and a half... one year ago, we were in a relationship for a month (lol she's the baddest girlfriend in the world... she plays very much and act like a little girl, and I can't fully trust her) and now we are only good friends, but i see her now very little (she left my school), and she fell to durgs (I mean she smoke to avoid the reality - and I think that's the worst thing to do)... but that's other story...

    PS: i just have to say that about all that "girls situation", I look very good (facial), but i'm a skinny guy and that's low my esteem a little... i've tried a Gainer once, but it were with a lot lactose and I have some problem with that shit (I did'nt knew that I have problems with lactose... maybe the amounts of the lactose in the Gainer cause to my body this problem)... maybe i'll try some free lactose gainer lol...

  11. grreat point.

    Well, just see what laying off does if you'd like. doesn't matter to me either way. it was just an idea, nothing more.
    Good luck, though, with whatever you choose to do.
  12. Weed should relieve your anxiety if anything, go to a doctor if you're having panic attacks and get some xanax or something
  13. Panic and anxiety are common side effects. Do you not know this simple plant? :confused:

    I'd say figure out if there is even a problem. Don't just go get some scripts and become a sheeple.
  14. Actually I do know it and neither panic or anxiety have ever been "common side effects" from smoking weed for me. As I already said, weed relieves my anxiety, does not exacerbate it

    Panic as a common side effect of weed? lol come on..
  15. you dont have to look anything up dude, its normal , i felt like i was falling though space a million miles away from anyone, panicing from smoking too much in the begining, you could get waaaayy way higher and not feel that way after youve been smoking for awhile
  16. bro your so stoned or something. but anyways, just calm down. dont worry bout the heartbeat, its at 120 when your high (ive used machines just cause i was interested) it feels like 500 but its all in your mind. just calm down and know that you only high nothing is gonna happen or cause any damage (not weed, some unmentionables can if you dont have a good set of mind). its natural and its never hurt anyone bro so calm down about it.
    as to getting caught, your most likely not going to get caught. but i mean explain and show the facts to your parents if you do get caught and they should understand. at least understand enough to not disown you. maybe wont be happy but they aint gonna kick you out after you explain that it aint bad for you.
    go do some research bro it cant harm you so just calm down man and chillax.
  17. I have had similar panic attacks. They are horrible!!! You need to start smoking very small amounts you probably have a very low tolerance. For me its when i get really really high and i start to feel a little out of control I would freak out and have an attack. After the 1st few times I learned how to tell when i felt a panic attack coming on and i could just consciously calm myself down, by realizing there is nothing to worry about. You can definitely control it, its all in your head.
  18. This is normal dude i used to have panic attacks when i started smoking and i learned it's because i was greening out(smoking too much with low tolerance) and before i smoked i was scared to get caught so when i did smoke it made me have these attacks just try an not worry about getting caught and make sure you eat atleast 1 hour before you smoke so you have a full stomach(helps with your blood pressure thats what's making your heartbeat go fast)and drink plenty of water and the symptoms should stop the more your tolerance builds and you should be fine :smoke:
  19. Hello OP. If you feel uncomfortable when you smoke please do not force it. From personal experience I can relate to your story. At 18 when smoking I got too many paranoid thoughts. I put away smoking and completed post secondary schooling. Didn't take up smoking again until 6 years later. I do believe that if I forced my self to keep smoking at 18 I may have suffered some type of breakdown.
  20. stop over thinking things that's how bad things happen. just smoke once a week and only smoke enough to get u a nice high that u will enjoy. remember the weed won't make u crazy over thinking things and believing u are will. if the bad thoughts keep happening ( I had bad thoughts and depression and anxiety ) just try and keep your self occupied and hang with friends

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