I Have Oxycodone Pills

Discussion in 'General' started by Venomous Puffer, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Hey, I had surgury about 8 months ago, and I have about 15 5/335 (its either 335 or sumtin really close like 355 i forget) Oxycodone pills left. How would u recommend taking them? 1 at a time, multiple at a time, with alcohol, or what? thanks for the help,

  2. Never taken them, so sorry i dont know how much. but i know it can be very VERY dangerous to mix with alcohol, so i'd advise you not to.
  3. I'm not sure how many mg to take, but DO NOT MIX WITH ALCOHOL. Can be very bad for your liver. I've only taken hydrocodone before, so I don't know the amount you should take.
  4. well they're a lot more potent than viccodin ill tell ya that straight up. mostly it depends on just how high you want to get. 1 will numb pains and whatnot, shit theyre prescribed for. i love pills, so when i have something like that i take a fuckload. with every pain pill your not supposed to mix with alcohol, well i think every prescribed medication period says not to mix alcohol with them. if your gonna be drinkin though then try just having one.
    how much you weigh can make a big difference so if your a heavy set mofo like me than chances are your body can take quite a bit of punishment haha.
    if you dont know how they affect you then just try taking 1 without drinking and see how you feel. everybody reacts differently.
  5. Start with 2, and work up. With a low/no tolerance 2 should be a good start. Alcohol will make them alot stronger, and weed and painkillers go hand in hand.
  6. Psh, dont be a pussy.. Rail that shit!!
  7. down about two first then have a few brews, then after you feel it coming on, take a nother. it will be orgasmic. o and by the way, i want some-gimmie gimmie gimmie
  8. take like 40 mg

    crush up like 8 pills and parachute it
  9. Take 2-3 orally and wait about 30 minutes and start smoking. You'll feel really good. I wouldn't drink on them. Just makes you REALLY REALLY sleepy.
  10. cool thanks for everyones help :)
  11. if i were you i would acually sell those then get oxycontin, then either snort or parachute that shit... its SOO much better. Even though contin is just time release oxycodone... you think snorting 20mg of codone would be the same if not better as contin... but it's not.
  12. always have wanted to try that stuff. I just can't imagine it being as good as people claim.

  13. It makes you feel very chill. I also find it very easy to talk to people and especially women. You feel good because your pain receptors are being blocked. I prefer taking them orally because people that snort that shit are fucking stupid. There's inert filler and if they have tylenol and shit in them you're just fucking your nose up horribly. But hey dumb motherfuckers gotta do their thing right? Get 10-20mg of hydro or oxycodone in me and start smoking and I feel reaaaaaaallllll good. Have to be careful not to become addicted though.
  14. thanks again for everyones help, but i just have 1 more question. what exactly does the 5/325 stand for anyways? does that mean its 5mg? just a lil confused. thanks

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