I have opened a small handmade pipe shop. Could you take a look at it and give me some advice?

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    I have been carving olive wood pipes for some years for myself and my friends. Started a shop on etsy. I make the designs that seem most attractive and original to me but I would like to know the opinion of someone else.

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  2. many guys here do this stuff some work in wood too
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  3. hey send me some freebies so i can write a review lol
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  4. Id remove that etsy link, while what you do is cool. Promoting is against community guidelines.
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  5. Nice pipes, but I prefer glass
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  6. They look good to me.. I had a wood pipe back in 70s many pounds later one side of the bowl eroded away from the lighter it had a suction cup which I changed out to magnet it stuck to the dash of my 64 ford F-100 and had two long hoses so myself and buddy could smoke at the same time yep we were cool lol
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  7. For several years, I've been crafting olive wood pipes for personal use and for my friends. Recently, I opened a shop on Etsy where I sell my creations. I design the pipes based on what I find most appealing and unique, but I would appreciate an outside perspective.
  8. Unsure how I could help, or your reasoning for tagging me. Personally I don't use wooden pipes.

  9. Wood that is used in wooden pipers are made from briar.
    All most all wood known to man can and be raspatory and toxic.
    Most the time wood taste like shit ... antler or ivory is theeee worst,

    Amazon sells shit loads of wooded pipes, some like yours, all under 25 bucks.
    Is that the market you want to enter with china being your competitor?
    This is only part of the issue, other issue is allot of pipe smokers prefer glass,
    They will never consider a wood or metal pipe.
    And glass pipes that size can be bought dirt cheap by the dozens,
    A one person pipe maker trying to compete with amazon/china is suicide.
    What ever pipe you plan on making it cannot be like what amazon sales

    I am a wooden pipe maker, some of my pipes are glass lined...
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  10. Yea, not a fan of wooden pipes. The ones I've used change the flavor of weed or add chemicals from the wood itself.
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  11. the bowl of my old bong was wood and eroded out on one side....bummer
    I never tasted the wood but concern was their
    as the wood burnt away fitting a grid/filter/gauze was always faulty
    I do miss her as I've gone to glass
    there's a great vid on YT about a brit that makes clay pipes

  12. I can make you a new wooden bowl for your bong for free, Shipping on you my friend
    I would have order in some briarwood. I just need to know what size it is,
    I only do wood pipes, all of them have some kind of tubing inside,
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  13. That's nice buddy but in truth I've moved on,

    I got me an glass 18" bong 3 times the size of that tiny one

    thanks for your offer
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  14. KK I still prefer a joint, the one i rolled this morning destroyed me :love-m3j:
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  15. Desfrán is destroying my friends with total ease its a strong hit, a child of the famous Destroyer x Destroyer
    I hope you consider for your next grow ...lol
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  16. The farm kicked me 2 or 3 pounds of some weed tested out about 30 to 33,8 THC. I forgot the name of the strain.
    I grew some blue berry muffin, killer weed
    Those seeds came from SINCITYSEEDS Thanks for the link you sent me .
    I looked at it, it looks pretty juicy.
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  17. Not bragging ,,, I make the best hitting pipes.
    All my pipes are 12mm ID in the stem and bowl sections, most the pipes i make now are glass lines.
    I still get orders for aluminum lines pipes, customers are scared the glass will break.
    Now I made the pipe where the glass tube is replicable .
    Get to the states brother, I will blaze you out everyday, Unless you dont like fishing and camping and knocking a few balls around. lets party,
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  18. The ones that I have sampled either change the flavor of the cannabis or add substances that are derived straight from the wood.
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  19. I wish you the best in your quest to make wooden pipes
  20. Wow, this is amazing, I really like it

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