I have one cig left I have no money to buy more and I'm scared shitless about quitting.

Discussion in 'General' started by Cplus, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Go smoke a butt? Or go bum one if you're super desperate...helps to understand how junkie like of an addiction it really is. If you're desperate enough to pawn for a ps4 and haven't considered any of these other options...I absolutely HATED bumming. seriously shitty vibe in my experience. Good luck OP.

    Don't pawn shit for smokes. There are cheap tobacco products that will take the edge off (although I'm not advocating them).

    I once traded a guy a morgan silver dollar for 1 pack of black american spirits because I couldn't leave where I was and no one would take me for them. Don't be me lol.
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  2. I do agree with your point about chemicals and cheaper. I only say what I said because I had a friend who quit cigs and was happy with a vape, but then lost the vape and started smoking rolled cigs. Still smokes them to this day
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  3. I think he is bruh I wouldn't sell my ps4 for 20 smokes :lmafoe:
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  4. I wish I was this is absolutely brutal II wish I never started smoking. I actually went to the pawn shop they offered me $200 I didn't take uit because II thought what happens after I smoke all those then I'll have nothing to entertain me while going through this shit. So I'm just gonna keep trucking and hope the worst is almost over.
  5. i stopped cold turkey last thanksgiving, the urge to have one is near gone now and i can feel my lungs getting better in terms of breathing and being able to smoke weed like before. good luck bro.
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  6. go pawn that thing and get you a few cartons, sounds mean but that will give you another low point to associate with cigs.

    Every morning wake up and start reciting this mantra "heart disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, suffocating on my own fluids(that's how my grandpa died, smoked til his last breath), lung cancer, oxygen tanks, heart disease, heart attack, diabetes..."

  7. You wake up thinking about dieing thats odd bruh
  8. not anymore lol that was to reinforce the negatives of smoking to help me quit, the worse you portray smoking in your own mind the easier it is to quit
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    yeah sometimes repeating in your head or writing on paper the low points you've gone through or will go through if you continue can cause a moment of clarity. which is the ignition of sobriety from anything.
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  10. why is vapeing not an option for anyone? Get with the times.

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  11. Apparently he was broke and maxed his credit. I dunno, if he's on grasscity and he has internet and electricity and a place to stay. it can't be too bad.... Maybe he could look for a new job.
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