I have one cig left I have no money to buy more and I'm scared shitless about quitting.

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  1. I've smoked two packs a day for 9 years and now this is it. I'm dead broke after being unemployed for the past two years and I have completely maxed out my credit card on fucking cigarettes spending $20 a day when $0 was coming in and now it's come to this... One cigarette left... I have no idea what to do and I'm scared that I won't be able to handle this shit. Anyone here quit cigarettes cold turkey? Any suggestions or advice?
  2. i quit smoking after 15 years of a pack or more a day. You can do it. It's all about willpower. get a cheap vape and get the lowest nicotine juice they have and when you're stressed use it. That's how i quit. Eventually just stopped vaping because i found that if i just took some deep breaths and stopped myself from getting overly worked up i didn't need that either. I will say smoke hella weed my friend it will help immensely.
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  3. Go around and look for butts to smoke
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  4. It's amazing how being broke can sometimes be a force for good.
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  5. If you've spent all your money on cigarettes, it sounds like your anxiety might be rooted in something else, other than having no cigarettes.

    I had a hard time quitting cigarettes as well, then I was homeless one day and realized how stupid the idea was of spending money on cigarettes, as well as all the other dumb shit I was spending my money on.

    You cannot quit cigarettes because you are weak; because you fear what you will have to do, to become strong and you absolutely should.. It is a scary step to take and it will probably be absolutely horrible. It will change your life, but you will learn to appreciate the change over time, just as I did, as well as everyone else who quit.
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  6. Learn to handle your anxiety

    very much on how you quit is up to your attitude to poisoning yourself over the years

    and how you relate to being 'done' by the tobacco corporations you have supported

    see it as one step at a time

    good luck
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    You need a bigger reason than being broke. That will work in the short term but every time I quit for that reason, I kept thinking...will this hold when I have the money? It didn't.

    It's an EXCELLENT first step though and you have started the process. Vaping is a good middle road...

    I found that when I stopped for a reasonable amount of time I really didn't want to go back but did out of habit, vaping fills the physical addiction side and the rest is up to you.

    Another option is to buy a half pound of pipe tobacco for $10 and a couple packs of rolling papers and some filters. total? $20-25. Should last you a good 2 weeks easily. Refocuses energy by making it less accessible and less instant gratification. Great option for just changing up the habit. That is KEY in my experience. Break the habit first, then deal with the addiction.

    You need to focus on better ways to deal with the anxiety/nervous energy. Otherwise eventually even smelling smoke or seeing people smoke in a movie will set you off. It's a hard road. Peace be with you.

    Edit: One thing I'd like to add...when it comes to addiction. There won't ever be a "last" one. Not smoking that "last" cigarette is your best chance at overcoming addiction. If you truly intend to quit...then you already smoked your "last" one before you even realized it. Cheers.
  8. call a quit smoking hotline some of them will give you free patches to help quit
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  9. i smoked a pack to a pack and a half a day for 20 years, I've been done with em two years now. The first thing you figure out is that most of the "stress" that cigarettes relieve is caused by the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine.

    this is how i finally quit, i used patches

    i got rid of all smokes and bought a box of name brand(the brand name is worth it) nicoderm cq step 1

    once i had let the craving and irritability reach epic proprtions(a whole day no nic) i put a patch on my shoulder blade and mashed it in real hard so that it was burning really bad, i kept squeezing til the dose hit my brain. After that any time i got a craving I squeezed the patch to let out more burn. Your brain gets to like that burn, constant nicotine is actually crazily nice, nothing bothered me at all. It took nine weeks of stepping down the patches to finally quit, now i really never miss it, smoking is just a vague memory, no nasty cig breath any more lol.

    go around to local ash trays and dig butts out, that'll really help you get to rock bottom mentally
  10. I quit a 15 year pack a day menthol habit utilizing ecigs and personal vapes, only way I was able to quit, 2 years smoke free! good luck brother!

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  11. I've had to quit alcohol and caffeine cold turkey one day when I was broke..

    The sky didn't fall. I think you'll find that most addictions are more psychological than chemical.
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  12. I was a 3 pk per day smoker for 20+ yrs..I quit cold turkey 35 yrs ago and have never looked back. Must admit, I savor the taste of a good weed bowlful but hate the smell of tobacco. I got a simple $10 510 thread battery and some PG + ZERO nicotine flavor and make my own weed e-juice..Great taste and a great high too!
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  13. Your problem is bigger than smoking
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  14. I have one cigarette also.. Looks like you're going to have to do your best to get a job?

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  15. How the fuck did you max out a credit card buying just cigarettes :confused_2:
  16. Well this is officially the longest I've been without a cig and II am literally dying I am seriously contemplating going to a pawn shop and selling my PS4. It's that bad and it hasn't even been 24 hours yet..
  17. I disagree with your suggestion as I roll my own cigs with rolling tobacco and they are stonger than normal cigs. Might hook op on them again.
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  18. If your pawning your ps4 for cigarettes your one step away from being like a junkie next you'll be stealing scrap metal to sell to junk yards...
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  19. Agreed roll ups are better than pre made cigs, a 50g lasts me a month maybe more depending on how much I smoke
  20. Yes, but the changing up of the habit is important. You are still getting rid of ALL of the added chemicals. So now you are just dealing with pure nicotine/plant alkaloids. With preroll tubes/filters it's about the same as smoking American Spirits and HELLA cheaper. Much better option than smoking low grade tobacco brick sprayed with synthetic chemicals. But I guess we will just disagree. Helped me hit the craving of combusting and nicotine before I moved to vaping and saved me a fk ton of money.
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