I Have No Where To Smoke Except Outside, How Do I Stay Stealthy?

Discussion in 'General' started by Captin K, May 21, 2013.

  1. I have a 2-3 inch fake cigarette one hitter that i can easily hide

    Now, if i smoke at a park and i see cops coming what is the best thing to do?

    Is it sketchy if i just walk around my town hitting my one hitter very sneaky?

    Please give me some input, normally i smoke with friends but everyones been so busy
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    Oh shit, I love thos cig one hitters, my cousins roomate had one, I want one so bad...
    When it's dark, no one will notice you smoking weed, because it looks like a cig. I've never walked down any street just toking away, i'm more careful than that. Go and sit down on the sidewalk and just toke it, but don't go walking around for everyone to come outside and smell lol.
  3. i wouldn't worry about the way it looks - i'd worry about the smell more than anything
  4. It's not sketchy, it's not like your hittin a big ass blunt. Smokin fags is a very common thing, so why would anyone question it?
  5. One hitter cigs can be a pain in public. First, you have to load them in public, and that sucks. Then the smell can be obvious. Then you look the fool relighting a cig 5 or 6 times.
  6. when i lived with the parents, we had a nice patch of woods where we setup a nice circle suitable for bonfires.  couldnt have fires because of cops, but forest/wooded areas are great places to smoke.  also, there are trees all around if climbing is your thing (fuckin love climbing).
    but yeah for the most part, people will think it's a cig.  unfortunately if a cop is suspicious you cant just sit there since it's obviously not a cig when you look up close.
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    just survey your surroundings before hitting it.
    be sure to put it away right when youre done with it to avoid exposure.
    nobody is gonna question you, most people will probably just think its an e-cig from a distance.
  8. i used to walk around my neighborhood at night while smoking a bowl or two. you should be fine; just try to do it in area where there's not alot of other people around
  9. Lol what is this a troll just goto the park and sit at a bench and hit your weed. if you see a cop sit their and wave maybe? :D :D Or have a real cig lit if you are really that paranoid.
  10. Honestly smoking around town isn't all that sketchy. I also go frisbee golfing and on the course about 1/3 of the way through and 2/3 of the way through I sit down with whoever I am with and pack a bowl while other people frolf in front of us or keep playing ahead. Then again it is a frolf course so such thing is pretty common.
    But in reality I have rolled joints and walked down the street in the city middle of day and not been questioned, same with blunts. I usually don't use one hitters, and I only smoke spoons outside when I am frolfing or at night but really it isn't that hard to do without being noticed. Just don't spark up right next to anybody and at least try to be somewhat sneaky. 
    I always tend to stay away from parks around night time just because I have a record of vandalism (just small tagging type shit) so cops around my home town don't like to see me around parks late at night. On the same aspect you don't wanna be toking in front of kids during the day. The best is really to just walk around with a joint on the sidewalk. Then when you are done smoking you can easily ditch it and enjoy the rest of your walk high as hell and carefree. 
  11. My friends and I were smoking in a park once. There was 4 of us and a cop came up to us. I was like fuuuuuuuck. All he said was, you ladies be careful. It's dangerous out here at night. We all almost shit ourselves lol.

    Other than that, ive smoked in public a few times. I wouldn't be too worried. People don't really have time to call the police just because they smell weed.

    The one hitter is a good idea though. You can easily just throw it instead of having a bowl where you can't dispose of it quickly if you do get caught.
  12. Here's a general rule, apply it to your everyday life: act like you belong.
    If you walk down the street, or anywhere for that matter, with your head up and your eyes forward, nobody is going to take a second glance when they pass you by. You're just a dude doing his thing. Do you think twice about people you pass? No.
    I love to smoke when I go out for a walk, but I wouldn't walk down Main Street toking on a joint. Well, actually, I do. But I can get why the general population wouldn't. What I do like to do is walk down a residential street and have a puff. Somebody coming up the sidewalk toward you? Casually cross to the other side like it ain't no thang and keep on keepin' on. It's relaxing, it's quiet, it's nice.
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    not even joking i remmber smoking a blunt and walking around downtown new york city with a few classmates around blocks. There were so many kids around me smoking cigs. it was easy to blend in, but as soon as i walked off a block or 2 from my college it would be less packed. Probably the silliest/dumbest way i smoked. But it was worth it for the looks i would get. (like is this nigga really smoking weed in the middle of a crowded city block.)
  14. Depends where you live. My hometown is super weed friendly, so I would walk around anywhere but downtown with that. Even downtown sometimes if I had a friend smoking a normal cig haha
    I think the most important part is acting like you're not doing anything wrong. If a cop is approaching YOU, then I'd probably slip it in my sleeve and then try to sneakily put it in my pants, provided you've got no other evidence on ya. But in general just carry on with your business. Hold it like a cigarette, but down by your side, and don't hit it if you're next to a cop car lol. One time I was walking with a friend and casually hitting it, and it took her a good while to notice it was weed not normal cigarette.
    Most people don't care enough to do anything like call the cops, even if they're against weed. Even if they do, you just don't linger in one spot and you're fine. Casual is key 
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    Joints just look like roll your owns and can even look like cigs if you're a skilled enough roller. I don't like those one hitters because they usually have a silver tip, which is a dead giveaway until it gets rezed up. Really pipes are fine too if you find a good spot where you're out of view of people, not trespassing, etc.

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