i have no soil...can i use perlite

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  1. HEY GC ...i have a problem...i have a narkush seed that has been germinating for 2 days....it has cracked and its ready to be put in soil..the problem is ..is that i have none....should i go outside and get soil..or can i use perlite..bc thats all i have..i can probably get soil in like 3 days..but im scared it might grow to long:confused:
  2. Never tried it but I wouldn't think it would work that well. I would try to grab a cupful of decent potting soil from somewhere..mabye buy the smallest bag available at the local hardware/garden store if you got the funds and can't 'bum' some of somebody/somewhere.

    You can use outside soil but I would think at least have some risk of BUGS/PESTS and other factors. Maybe someone with more experience can chime in as to whether you can keep the germ seed that long without planting? :smoke:
  3. Plant seedling in a jiffy peat pellet. When you get a few leaves you can transplant in perlite....Do a search on hempy bucket....;)
  4. so the answer is yes! might have to try this myself soon.
  5. Hempy all the way!
  6. ok guys so i just got sum shultz soil ...and i have perlite so i mixed it ...and i put it in a pot of soil...the seed did infact germinate...and.so should i leave it by my window or with a 100watt 6500k cfl?

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