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  1. I am 18. I have no money and no job. I finished school last year, and I have been searching for a job ever since. I am studying engineering at university next year, but the many months between now and then seem to stretch out into perpetuity. Relations between me and my parents have broken down, I feel they distrust me about everything. They question my motives and reasons for things as if i were a convicted felon. I have started smoking weed nearly every day and it is pretty much all I look forward to. I live on the far outskirts of town and the only way for me to see my friends is to drive my car, and as I never have any fuel this proves impossible most of the time and I usually just sit at home on my computer smoking weed. What can I do to change this? 
    Also I have had a money making idea. I've always hated spam and people who use dishonesty to waste other peoples time. But it seems like the last option left open to me is to get people to click links. I have a link which after 10 seconds of adds will send you to the homepage of the washington post: http://c6e34d7a.any.gs/ I am hopeful that some of you would find it in your hearts to click it, wasting ten seconds of your time but performing a kind deed for someone else. If anyone else has any ideas as to a money making scheme or a way to get out of the life I have atm please, please post suggestions. Thankyou! 

  2. Get a job you hippie. 
  3. It isn't that simple. I have told you I live on the edges of town, I have no money for fuel and no means of attending a job interview. I have no specialized skills. Seriously, how? My parents also earn too much for me to qualify for any form of social security, but they are not generous with their money. 
  4. I met my best friend because I used to see him walking every day. I picked him up one day and offered him a ride. He was walking 10 miles every day to town to his job.

    Oh, and where are you getting the money to smoke weed every day? Weed cost alot of money no?
  5. money grows on trees my friend . If you doubt me ask yourself wheres my money ?? :confused:  oh f**k i rolled it up nd set fire to it :eek:  no cash no fuel :cry: got weed :metal: :yay: best ov luck with that m8 dont think the link thing is gonna work you could prob make more from empty drinks cans. dig in study hard and 1 day laugh at how hard times were when you just started out on ya own. peace out. K.P.
  6. or...you could start start sellin dat weed u iz smokin and build up from there holmes
  7. You're gonna have to suck it up and ask your parents for gas money. Tell them that you need gas money to get to a job and if they dont give it to you, youll have no way to get to work. Of course wait until you actually get the job. Then tell them that you'll pay them back.
  8. Well I think linkbucks was optimistic at best. So far I have made $0.00139 which is great except that it isn't. I really don't know what I'm gonna do :( 
  9. Inboxdollars is what I have used in the past. I made the 30 dollars after all day of sitting on my pc stoned.. needless to say it wasn't fun, but worth looking into. And I have had to ask my dad for money to get to an interview, it happens. The world isn't the same place it was in the 70's or whatever, there is no simple way of getting your foot in the door. My advice, start applying online to places that train and don't need experience (it will take alot of time, and alot of applications). You sure you have NO skills you could offer up on craigslist? Pc repair, car detailing, house cleaning, etc,. Good luck!
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    theres jobs out there you have to want them though
  11. There must be a store around you, somewhere you can maybe bike to. Say you don't have a car? Get a bike man, or walk if you don't have money for a bike. I've had to ride my bike many times, bout 45 mins and I'd walk if I had no other way.

    Even without car, you can still apply online at many places, most places actually. And if you somehow get an interview, try to set up a ride with a friend, you said you got weed, there's your gas money.

    But I think you need to get somethings straightened out, like don't buy weed. A lot of places drug test and it burns a hole in your pocket, especially when there's no money.

    Just my .02 cents with only reading the op.

    Bes of luck.
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    I misread the OP. Edited out. :/
  13. Work the corner?
  14. Hustle and flow.
    Hit me, J. :cool:
  15. become a hitman
  16. well said on both points.  when i think about all the bullshit ive had to put up with for work, my sympathy for people who say "but i cant get there" is minimal at best.
    but the second point is what really gets me.  money to smoke weed every day is more than enough to pay for gas to go find a job.
  17. Sell your car and use that money to buy a bike and a bus pass. City transit buses have bike racks.
    Then you can get around to all your "friends" who won't come and see you, and from there you can start smoking their weed for free.
    See, it all works out if you just apply yourself.
  18. First off if you're looking for a job STOP SMOKING WEED. 
    1 - drug test. Most places test, and it's pointless to be looking for work if you can't pass the urine test.
    2 - with the money you're saving from no longer smoking you can now pay for gas to get you to and from  work/interviews/etc.
    3 - Don't limit yourself. You're 18 which means you can work pretty much anywhere. You need money which means you ARE NOT to good for any job that will hire you. Start hitting temp services. They exist solely to find you work.
    You know where I was when I was 18? Homeless, living 2 states away from anyone that I could rely on. I was walking 5 - 10 miles from job to job because I didn't have a license (still don't) or a car (still don't). It sucked and I hated it but you gotta do what you gotta do.
    And don't bitch about your parents. If they're not beating you and paying all your bills and feeding you, then consider yourself lucky. Be grateful man not spiteful because they look at you funny.
    If they won't fork over some cash for gas (which I doubt because I'm pretty sure they bought you your car but I could be wrong) grab yourself a lawnmower and go door to door. 20$ a lawn. You don't need skills to make a little work, you just need to not be lazy.
  19. All I saw was excuses. Your not even trying. You have money for weed? Where'd that come from?
    Be honest with yourself and get your priorities straight. 

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