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  1. whats up with this whole nute thing? is it plant food? I'm about 1 month into flowering and i still don't know whats up.
  2. Hit up google friend.... "what is soil" "what is plant food" and so on... the questions have been asked and answers await!

    I do get what ya mean though - I sometimes am baffled by how it all works together to literally grow a life! Nature's an amazing bitch...
  3. I think He means he is into flowering and is still clueless on how to use the plant food.

    If that is so, then we have a common ground my friend.
  4. Gotta read the grow guides but basically yes, "nutes" = nutrients = ferts = fertilizer = plant food. All used to refer to the same thing. Technically, nutes or nutrients are the actual building-block elements that the plant needs whereas ferts, fertilizer, and plant food refer to the particular formulation that is delivering the nutes. But for the way MJ growers talk, these are all referring to the same thing.

    You need a different fert in flowering than you used in vegging. Again, read up.
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    So what have you been using just soil and light?
    Yeah, it's extra food for the plant.

    People generally start using it after about 3 weeks of growth, FoxFarm makes some good products. Grow Big for vegetative stage, and Big Bloom for flowering. Comes with instructions on how many table spoons to use per gallon of water to prevent root burn.

    pH meter is probably necessary.
  6. ya ive researched a little and i got some fish emulsions because ive nothing but good things about it. thanx for the help. and yes basically lights soil and water with a drop of vinegar in it

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