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  1. So I want to grow in my basement so I can stop wasting all my money on something I have a medical prescription for. My wife and I smoke about 3.5 grams a day.

    I see all of these FAQ's and threads but most of it is hard to navigate for me. What I am hoping is if someone can basically walk me through the process of what needs to be done.

    I don't know if I should grow in soil or in water, if I should use a tent or build a structure; I am paralyzed with options and information before I even begin.

    I want to start building or preparing the space, but I'm confused how to start.

    Thanks for your time and consideration, everyone.
  2. I would start first with the best light(s) you can afford, and that takes a bit of studying...Then model everything else to 'fit' your lighting...
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    What kind of budget do you have?
    What is your yield goal?
    You're consuming an ounce a week, so you will need to yield at least a pound every 4 months. It's certainly achievable with the correct equipment. Lighting being the most important. 600 actual watts of light and a 4 x 4 area would work - unless you want to grow more of course.

    Consider going to www.growweedeasy.com. You've got a lot to learn and a lot of decisions to make - I suggest you get your shit together long before you plant the first seed.

    Good luck. :)
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  4. I bought a 4x4 tent kit my fist grow over the winter. Turned out wonderful, can cimfortabally fit 4 plants. I did 6. Ive seen others fit 9, which would be crowded.

    Once you have the materials the rest will fall into play. I did soil personally

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  5. Please don't take this the wrong way.....but your BEST option.....in my opinion....is to research research research....on here, google, other forums/websites.......that's what I did when I first started out and I reaped the rewards from it as well!

    Alot of the members on here have a PASSION for and growing MJ.....and are more than happy to help anyone with a legitimate interest......with that said....we "can't" plan out your entire grow for you....you have to kind of do the leg work and then if you have a question or two regarding how to do something or what something means...then we are, or at least I, am eager to try and help....but you have to have an idea of what you are doing or planning.

    With that..lets smoke out:passing-joint:and happy growing!
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  6. What is your budget , to get started and per month ?
    What strain ? Up lifting or put your dick in the dirt ?
    How much room do you have ?
    You need allot of ventilation to keep temp down and humidity levels down too.
    If your humidity is to high it can ruin your house .

    I grow in hydroponics ,, I have close to 800.00 into my RO system .
    I use on average 2600 gallons per month .
    If I bought that much water from the store it would cost .41 cents per gallon ., do the math !

    You get accelerated growth ,growing in hydroponics but it is expensive .

    Good luck
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  7. People on here have wonderful results with Grow Tent-type set ups and theres literally 100's of peoples different set ups you can copy off of the "Grow Journals" section of the forum, try and copy someone's that knows what they are doing which u can tell just by viewing their grow journal usually and seeing their results along the way step by step :)

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  8. without too many actual details my general advise to start is to start off with a lot of research as Kronik352 mentions. After that start off small and if you want to go larger expand later on. Trying to go too big of a grow operation too soon can become very overwhelming, especially once the plants start to grow and get big. It's nice to have great visions of row after row of plants but realistically growing1, 2 or 3 plants and learning how to grow them as you go alone is already going to be plenty for you on your plate.

    2x4' tents are small and manageable, and don't take up a lot of room but are easily outgrown. they are fine for 2-3 plants. I've been growing my meds in a 2x4" for a year now. If you have the room I'd suggest a 3x3 or 4x4' tent. A 4x4 tent would be excellent for 2-6 plants depending on pot size.

    A tent is easier to set up and control your environment than trying to modify a room or an area yourself.

    As for your medium, or what you want to grow in, you can grow in hydroponics, coco (also a type of hydroponics), or soil. I've grown in all three, everyone has their own preferences. Having grown in all three I'll recommend as a beginner to start in soil. it's overall much easier, much less work as you are learning how to grow. Hydro can give you larger, bigger results but it is a lot more work, a lot more overall expense, and can be more difficult - hydro is like a sports car, it's higher performance but if problems happen they happen very quickly and if you don't know how to react in time and correctly your grow can go south very fast.... soil is a bit slower, but problems also happen slower and give you more time to correct generally.
    Also, after mixing up your own organic soil you don't have to buy expensive bottled nutrients to feed your plants and worry about PH issues everyday, etc. just water with tap water, done.

    do NOT cheap out on your lighting. Personally I'd recommend either good Quantum Board type lighting or CMH lighting, or a combination of the two.

    you will also have to decide what kind of seed you want to grow. An Auto seed flips to flower automatically, a Photo seed you need to flip to flower yourself but you than have control of when it flips. An Auto can be easier and faster to grow, Photo seeds typically will give you a somewhat larger yield but it takes longer. But you can get in more harvests a year with auto seeds so it kinda equals out.

    this should be a starting point for your plants anyway. hope it helps a little
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  9. Very nice SmokeyBM!! Great points of view and information!:thumbsup:
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  10. My man... Thank you so much for this great information.. I am new here and looking to grow myself as well... Quick question a 2x4' tent would be the ideal size for my situation what would you suggest the best lighting and best carbon filter would be for two plants? As well what you think other electrical equipment will be needed to have that set up completed and running with minimum to no odour?

    Thanks in advance.

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    since a 2x4' tent is fairly small, the lighting and fan/filter equip requirements are also relatively small.
    A lot has to do with budget constraints and if you are going more towards a "good", "better" or Best" own equip and budget :)
    I was most definitely on a tight budget on my set-up. My current set-up works but I'm starting to look at upgrade options when I can afford them, but I've already been growing a year now and finally starting to get my growing dialed in after a few grows so I have a much better idea of what my requirements really are compared to when I was starting out. things will change as you find a growing style that works for YOU - whether it be soil, hydro, or what.
    On my budget I found the vivisun 4" filter/fan combo with the adjustable speed on the fan was a decent budget buy. roughly $100. in a 2x4 tent a 4" fan is plenty size and half the time I only have it running at 1/2 - 3/4 speed anyway. I really liked the AC Infinity Cloudline fans when i was looking if budget wasn't a concern but if you can afford it it's a nice upgrade. Also, if you want an upgrade to the vivisun filter also look into Phresh.

    lighting can be as low cost as the HLG QB132 Quantum Boards and driver. It's 4 separate boards, and a driver (the ballast), you wire it together but it's easy. runs you about $200.00. Again, because of my budget that's what i'm running in my tent. it's 300w true power.
    Upgrade would be 2x HLG QB96Elite Quantum Board lights and driver. depending on the driver but generally your power will be between 300-375w true power, could be even more. Approx $300
    Another idea is a 315w CMH light with a QB light on either end to even out the lighting, such as a single QB288 board on each end. I love this idea if your environment is cool enough to allow it because it will create a lot of heat in the tent. approx $500-$1000 depending on chosen CMH and QB lights
    There area million ways to light a tent. these are only 3 - a good, better, best. just ideas you can work off of.

    if at all possible, many times it's not but if you can, find a way to vent your tent outside the growing room, preferable completely outside the house/building. easiest and best way to help control heat/humidity/odour.

    you will also need a fan or two running inside the tent for general air circulation and movement. Most people use clip-on fans you attach to the tent poles

    if you chose to grow in soil, the lights, circulation fans, and the fan/filter are only real electrical requirements. if you are running autos you can run lights 24/0 and not even need a timer.
    If you run hydro you will have other electrical requirements for water pumps and/or air pumps.

    Depending on your environment you may need to run a small humidifier. or de-humidifier, or portable air-conditioning unit, or portable heater. Or not.... all depend on YOUR environment and YOUR budget to afford or not to tailor your tent environment as precise as possible. But each will also have an electrical requirement to consider.
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  12. Thank you all for your thoughtful input; I now know where to begin - researching a 4x4 tent grow with auto seeds in soil!

    Now that I have a starting point, I feel much better. If I have any more questions, I'll be sure to post, and I'll post updates here once I'm done with my tent maybe to see what you guys think.
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  13. Welcome again....and happy growing!

    @Smokey B McBongwater VERY COOL to help a newbie out so thoroughly...... +++++++REP
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  14. i know what it's like to be new at something and it can be very overwhelming, especially when there are so many different ways to grow and options in each method. so much info to try to process and figure out. nice to at least get a little guidance.
    I've gotten plenty of help on here so nice to be able to return the favor to others if it's helpful :)
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  15. Don't forget to organize your setup to include a veg space to keep your efforts ongoing. I've kinda gone overboard with twin sprouting/veg cabs, four independent veg/flower boxes, as well as a dedicated 2 x 4 closet for flowering. More fixin's than fillin's to be honest, though.
  16. I didn't read all post, but in the mean time, grow a seed right now so you can have a mother. I'd personally do 1 gallon soil sog, in a 2*4 tent with like 200-300 watts. Regardless, grow a plant right now.
  17. With SOIL , Why would you start with soil and not compost ?
    Why auto flower seeds ?

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