I have no idea what to order from Highgrade-Seeds..

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  1. Im growing indoors, and will have a 400w HPS/MH light and was wondering what is a good beginners strain to grow but it very potent?

    I was thinking of either Purple Cindy or Northern Lights #5. I heard a lot of hype about NL5 and stories from people in real life who cant remember a lot of the high but said it was amazing.

    Me: "How was that Rush concert you went to"
    Friend "I dunno man, I smoked some NL5, and I enjoyed that show better"

    But Purple Cindy is C99xPurple Oregon Thai and I heard c99 was one of the most potent sativa strains you can grow.

    anyone have any suggestions?

    (also, how many plants can I grow with a 400w system?)
  2. depends if you want a sativa high black pearl looks good and PC as you mentioned, or if you would go indica too he's got a couple blueberry crosses big blue which is blueberry X Northern lights 5,electric fruit punch(BB with mango) etc..
  3. You should be good with either one but I will say regular Cinderella99 is probably my favorite strain I grew. I crossed it with several different strains and Cindy always seemed to be dominant so I'd think the purple cindy should still have many of her good traits.
    From my experience growing NL (not the NL5 from HG) it is a good to great yielder that is quite a bit easier to grow than Cindy. NL5 is normally used in breeding rather than being released on its own so I can't say how it would do.
  4. i say go with something white or blue
    or a classic like ak47
  5. NL#5 is really nice weed, with a great, distinctive look, smell, taste and high in my experience. I've never grown it, but there was a lot of it in my area a couple years ago, and I always made sure I had some.

    Purple Cindy is a strain I've been curious about for a while, and is on my list of strains to try in the near future. Sorry I can't help you choose, but I think either would be a great choice. If you have height concerns, I'd go with the NL5... Barring that, it's always a tough choice to decide what to order from Highgrade.
  6. purple cindy is the SHIT...check out the other peoples grow forums the bud does start to turn purple if you lower your temps when flowering will start to turn the buds purple..also the plant gets huge so make sure you top/fim

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