Collab I have no idea how to fill my new bong

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  1. So I recently got a new bong, and the first time I filled it, the water levels were perfect. Bong was working smoothly for what it was. But when I changed the water for the first time I just couldn’t get the water levels right. No matter how hard I try now i just can’t get it right.

    The bong is called Evolution Inception. Here is a link to a store with photos of the bong: Evolution Inception Bubbler with Triple Showerhead Dome Perc -

    The bong itself has not been damaged whatsoever and is still in perfect condition. When the water does get filled and pulled, water does stay inside each of the showerhead Percs. If needed I can later on attach a file on what the bongs filtration looks like to assist in helping figure out water levels
  2. Pour water down the mouthpiece until it barely goes past the red and top diffuser.

    Or start lower and keep hitting, add water, hit it, add water and repeat until you find the sweet spot.
  3. That's the only thing I hate about new bongs.....getting the water level in the sweet spot. It's ALWAYS trial and error for me.
  4. Why would you hate it?
    I think it's fun.
  5. Cuz I like to grip it and rip it.....I don't like having to "concentrate" on whether the drag is too heavy or too loose. KNOWING I have it in the sweet spot when I load my bowl makes my rip perfection! LMAO :RoorRip:

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