I have no clue thought cal mag def but idk

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by newbiegrower85, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Anyone please it's in it's 3rd going on fourth week of flower
  2. Bump, also wondering.
  3. pic of the leaves on the plant would help...def leaning towards mag def.

    what medium are u running?
  4. i'll go with end stage calcium def, but if you add cal-mag to your water, you will cover both of your bases :)
  5. why do you say that?? what can the inward leaf curl at the end of the leaf tell me??
  6. Leaf curl is more pronounced and very much earlier in mag def, more longitudinal along the axis, and it's the first thing the leaf does, pray for mag. Even before leaf shadowing around the edges, which this leaf has non of either. This leaf is just dying and the curl is distal to proximal, like a leaf giving up it's water and curling in on it's self and drying up and dropping off. All that damage is lots of tiny dots, like the one you usually see with ca def, but all added up side by side, into a very damaged looking series of arc's between the veins. That's end stage calcium issues.
  7. an educated grower...outragous.;)
  8. naw, just growing for a lot of years. Done just about everything bad that I can to my poor plants along the way. You know I lost one through a second story window once, watched it fall in slowmo just like in the movies...haven't seen that post yet!
  9. experience...gotcah!! wow. woulda cried that day!!! :(
  10. LMAO, how do you do that? I can't wait till the day I catch someone doing that. rep+

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