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  1. Been on grasscity while I was smoking which is weird. I don't know I just I'm feeling good cause I'm smoking for the first time where I don't have to worry about my parents or some shit

    I'm really high and I saw cowboys and aliens(which ended in a cliffhanger cause the fire alarms went off)

    And I don't really have a plan for this thread

    A: we talk about cowboys and aliens
    B: smoking without worries
    C: whatever dude

    I feel dank
  2. Haha I smoked all my dad's resin today. I wish your parents were cool with you smoking haha
  3. It's just my mom I'm actually at my dads but he doesn't care that I smoke so I'm just sitting outside smokin
  4. I just gotta walk out my back door and i can smoke up all i want
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    Well I could smoke outside my house all I wanted but I always worried they'd come home randomly or think I was high later on
  6. I smoke in my room and try to clam bake ahaha.
  7. heady heady dank dank.

    move out when u guys turn 18
    then u dont have to worry:cool:
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    I got kicked out last Tuesday
  9. Psst, move out... haha my parents pay for my weed!
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    I can only smoke between the hours of 9am-5pm and then I can't again till 10pm... my rents get home from work at 5 and go to sleep at 10.

    Edit: and fuck moving out. Free food, free place to live, free everything minus car and gas. And all I have to do is hide my smoking? Np. :cool:
  11. i can only smoke when i have a lighter and weed
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    See! I was gonna live that way cause before my parents found out they were gonna pay for tcc and let me stay at home so all I had to worry about was gas insurance and weed but I slipped up
  13. Shoulda had a V8.
    On a related note, I don't have car :(
    My parents don't agree with me blazing, but they don't do anything so long as I keep it real.

    Also, I feel totally undank.
    What is that, wank?

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