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  1. a more beautiful flower and this so complex its amazing i got lucky for my very first indoor



    how long do you think i can let these bud grow they are pretty thick
  2. o shit man very nice 4 the first plant just have 2 get experience once u do then ull start havin bigger plants n more bud but very nice 4 the first plant have fun n good luck

    8/9weeks....... what kind is it? private message me cuz i dont look here 2 much lol
  3. :rolleyes:nice first grow, what strain is it? I hope I get some stuff that looks just as good and possibly better for my first grow:smoke: will try my best...3weeks in veg right now.
  4. looks great!get a radio shack microscope and then you can check the trichs to know when to harvest.if you go by time only,you might not get as much or the type of high you want.going an extra week from what the 8/9 weeks can make a huge differnce in yield!
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    got one been waiting they are all still clear i like the sleeper high what do they need to look like for that ???

    and im pretty sure it is one of these 2 either cush or hoggs goo i got the seeds from some bag weed lol only find like one or 2 seeds in the year lol
  6. u should look for amber for indica stoned high. i would wait for 75% amber trichs
  7. cool thanks man ill do that i have had some strange things with some of the other plants i grew you can read about it in the other thread i have here in this forum and i dont want to mess this one up too lol even though i may not have messed the others up it just trips me out
  8. that looks real nice

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