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I have never got the giggles...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sgtpepper23, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. is this normal?

    Ive gotten sorta high, high, stoned, uber stoned,greened out etc

    but i have nevergot the giggles or had the urge to laugh, whenever i do laugh when imhigh which i wouldve done even if i was sober, i feel this nice sensation on my chest as i in and exhalebut thats about it...
  2. Ever had an eye turn green? i have but it took the guy like 2 hours to convince me to check a mirror. and ithink the giggles has to do with how ur trip is because everyone is different.
  3. Yup normal.

    Really not a big deal man.
  4. I only do rarely, and it has to be fucking amazing bud. Last time I can remember it happening was with Pineapple Express. At least that's what my friend called it, supposedly came from a dispensary though so it might be legit. Either way, it was ridiculously dank stuff.
  5. It only happens to me on occasion as well.
  6. It's only happened to me once. But then again, every high is different
  7. I got them hardcore when i first got high. Happens when I get super blazed from time to time.
  8. when i first started a did for a lil while, now-a-days i dont really get the giggles at all
  9. honestly, its the shit your puffin on. some characteristics for certain strands are the giggles, munchin, burn out, open minded, and paranoia. it also depends on how much ur smoking. gram (dub) to the face should do the trick. just smoke that fiyahh piff
  10. I think its a combination of things. First, like the guy above me said, it depends on the strain. Second, your personality. Whenever I smoke around ditzy/hyper people, they usually get the giggles. Also I think it depends on your experience level. When I first started smoking I got the giggles all the time, although I think it was a placebo effect. Now I find funny stuff funnier and non funny stuff still not funny.
  11. Smoke a good sativa strain like kali mist or a haze.
  12. Then you must not be smoking with funny people, even after years of smoking its hard to stop laughing at the shit my friends do sometimes.

  13. that is sweet....and it depends on the quality of the weed and the people you are with when you are high
  14. It really depends who your with, one time i was at mcdonalds with a old friend and we couldnt even eat we were laughing so hard and it was about completely nothing. We would stop laughing and take one bit then just burst out laughing again.. good times.
  15. I never get them..New smoker wish i got them but acting like that just makes me feel like a dumb ass and i usually chill whith very seasoned tokers so even though im new (4 months tokin) I'm used to just chilling and not making a fool of myself:smoke::cool:.

    I HATE it when i chill with noob smokers that make funky ass noises and shit then go...That leaf is green...Then start bursting out laughing...Makes me feel so occured and just overall like a dumbfuck for being seen wit them Although i am a very relaxed love life kinda smoker.:smoke:
  16. I never get them either. I get this expansive feeling of wellbeing, but no giggling.

  17. Why you being so offensive? Laughing while your high does make you a "noob smoker" or a dumbfuck. It just happens sometimes, ive had to happen every now and then for years.
  18. Sounds like you have yourself a very serious case of severe cancer.
  19. your eye turned green. explain? I got insane giggles once. After a night of drinking and then later hitting a gravity bong , I tried to tell my roomie a funny story that had just happened and I could not get a word out. I kept laughing hysterically and forgot what I was going to tell him. The actual story was me watching the movie road trip, asked my friends if they were talking slow or am I just blazed, they said "nah, you're just high," and the room got real quiet. I got real serious and said "Walt, why you laughing at my misfortune like that?" Everyone started dying from laughter.

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