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I HAVE MY FRIEND'S PISS-- How do I keep it warm?

Discussion in 'General' started by AshTRE, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. hey man I used my brothers piss room temp when he gave it to me. me and my friend had two condoms of piss in a thermos cup. Left it in for about 10-15 minutes, but it got to sit in between my legs for about 25-30 minutes.

    It passed a lab drugtest and got two people hired at target :)
  2. Keep it in your mouth and than just spit it into the cup lol

  3. you dont think piss-filled condoms would scare away a bear?

    they're like water baloons that hurt your ego.
  4. It's not hard at all. My P.O. surprised me ''Are you busy tomorrow? I'm gonna drop by and test you."

    Sucks dick.
  5. 95% chance he will not. He is coming to my house, it'd be weird if he came into my own bathroom to watch me pee, but who knows.
  6. No, I think it might actually piss it off. I know if someone popped me with a balloon of piss, I'd maul then eat his ass.

    Hannibal Lecter style, snoogins.
  7. I think you may be that guy :)

    got no time for funny discussion do ya? Stephen Mother fucking Hawking!
  8. my fucked what? :confused:
  9. i tried this shit but the condom ended up busting in my inner thigh and i got my friends piss all over me...
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    wow... that had to suck.. you failed a drug test, AND got covered in piss? shit....

    condom is your best bet, if he watches you, your fucked.... Buy one of those fake dick underwear things, they have a resevoir pouch that is supposedly leak proof, you can fill it with synthetic piss, or your friends. and it is warmed by your own johnson. its pretty ingenious, the pouch is located between where your legs would be, and the pressure of your own junk pushes the piss out of the bag. I think they cost like under $100, but I can see it being worth it.

    edit: post 777... did I win the jackpot?!
  11. How does it feel to know someone indirectly pissed on you?

  12. kinda hope u got caught
  13. ^^ thanks for reviving a almost 1 month old thread :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  14. Fuck the condom method. The way they test for steroids in Uni is they stand behind you while you do your business. So not directly watching you, but watching you from behind. So wear briefs (tight) with one of those holes that let you stick your wang out :p Or make your own hole. Next, take a liquid glue bottle (the squirty one) and fill it with the fake/friends piss. Now that the test is at home you can easily warm it up before he gets there and store it in the liquid glue bottle. Now stick the bottle in your briefs and when you do your business stick the cap out and piss freedom.


  15. Contemplating making this my sig........
  16. i always have my buddy fill up a condom (unlubed of course) and you can pretty much keep it anywhere on you. considering a condom can get to the size of a bowling ball before ripping. you could keep a piss filled condom in your shoe or someplace most convieniant to you.
  17. Yeah douchebag no need to be a dick for no reason, while at the same time bumping a one-month-old inactive thread.
  18. its not being measured for temp hes gunna have to piss in an instant cup, therefore it only has to be relativly warm she only has her hand to measure the temp by.. thats how normal home visits go...
  19. If your were to post a thread with that title anywhere but a stoner forum, they'd think you're fuckin weird :p
  20. Best way is to put a small amount inside a condom and tie the top in a knot so nothing can come out. Clean off any lube really really well or buy non lubed condoms. Rest the condom in your groin area next to your balls and take the top part of the condom and feed it through the whole in your boxers. Then put the top of the condom through the hole in your pants/shorts that you put the button through. With the top of the condom through the buttom hole slide the button in. Then take the top of the condom- which is obviously slightly twisted/wrapped up to be like the size of a big wire. Just twisted around a little you know so its not all folded out. There should be like an inch or so of slack that you have, might have to stretch it a tiny bit. Take this slack and wrap it around your button. Since your pants/shorts are all buttoned up and you wrap the slack of the condom around it, its going to hold the condom real tight so you can keep it between your balls and your leg. It will heat to body temp really fast. 30 minutes or so if not a little less.

    When you go to piss, you just unwrap the top, unbutton ur pants and take it out and either try to untie it, or poke/cut a hole and pour it in the cup. Works awesome.

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