I have mold. Wtf now?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by motoxer, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. It's the second day of hang dry and I see mold. Not every branch, but some. I just don't get it, my temp is around 65 to 70 with 30% relative humidity, why is there mold, I though that was ideal. I didn't see any when I was harvesting.

    Now my next question is how careful do I need to be with this shit. Never dealt with it before. Is it as easy as just tossing the moldy bud and keeping everything without mold? I don't want to get me or anyone else sick.....fucking mold. So I just finish drying and just hope the the rest of it doesn't get moldy?
  2. Do I need to remove the moldy colas asap?
  3. Yep

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  4. I've lost whole 7ft plants from mold. Also when you pinch off the mold all those spores spread.

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  5. Well I will remove the cola from the drying area before I start fucking around then. I have a feeling I am gonna have to toss the main cola...
  6. If you are having that problem then im going to guess that mold is somewhere in your grow area/house and its getting into your grow area.
  7. That came to mind, but I grew it in the same spot im drying it, and dident have any problems during the grow.

    Welp I had to throw away the main cola that would have weighed probably 1.5-2 oz dry. I'm defanity gonna top next time to prevent it from getting so fat. Almost hard to even spot mold in this stuff it's so dank.
  8. U can bring in spores as well. Catch it early and u can save a good bit. Be diligent.

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  9. I think what contributed is that I kept the soil wet/damp right up until chop. I should have let it dry out I think so the buds don't start out so wet. What do y'all do? Need advice from more experienced growers.
  10. It may be a good idea to skip hang drying on branches and cut and trim before finish drying
  11. heres an idea

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