I have made an amazing discovery

Discussion in 'General' started by Predator1, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. So I went out to my garage today to have a cigarette (I dont smoke in the house cause itgrosses up the furniture), and I look over and see an inside-out T shirt. I see a picture of a leaf on the inside, and out of curiosity I turn the shirt out to investigate. This is what I found:


    I dont have a good camera...At the top it reads, "What I really learned in school -The higher education"

    The top pictures are a Pot plant with the subtitle "Agriculture", a joint being rolled with the subtitle "Engineering", and a bong made out of lab materials titled "Chemistry". Im prettur sure the rest are visible in the pic, but ask if you cant read them or dont know what they are.

    This shirt most definitely belongs to my father. My father, he who so adamantly denied having ever done drugs when they first caught me, and he who so vehemently proclaimed that drugs destroy lives and tear apart families. He's on a business trip right now, but God, I cant wait for him to get back.

    And I'm keeping the shirt.:hello:
  2. lol i want one
  3. Woah. Your dad is going to get owned when he gets home.
  4. Hahaha - I betcha he backpedals big time, and you'll get the old.."It isn't mine, it belongs to my friend.." line. Too funny, talk about rolel-reversal. :D
  5. Doesn't come in black:mad:
  6. Thats awesome i love it

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