i have heard of people burying buckets....

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  1. how do u go about doing this. I cant really find any info on it. I have 5 gallon buckets now, and i heard that some people put them in the ground to conceal them, and some even cut off the bottoms of the buckets so the roots can go down. It seems almost impossible that someone could cut the bottom of a bucket off with a plant growing in it and not have it fall through and kill the plant, what do u guys think? any experience doin this
  2. thats how I grow...First I put the plant(MJ) in the bucket then take it to the spot an dig down about 10-12 inches wit a 5 Gallon bucket set it in there put grass/leaves around it theres still about 4-5 inches left stickin up but it makes it look alot more concealed an ten i grind leaves up in my hands an toss it over the top of the soil in the bucket to make it look real...

    pretty simple actually
  3. Why do this?
  4. Hey Everyone -

    I have to agree with SOUTHERNPRIDE on this.... SKEPTIKAL said -->

    If you are going to dig holes in the ground anyway why are you putting a bucket in the hole??? Fill the hole with the same soil you were going to put in the bucket and grow in the hole!! The roots can live in the soil you put in the hole and they can wander into the local soil if they find something they like in it. (water or food) Would that not make it even easier and less trouble??

    Just my 2 cent.....

    Kisses -
  5. cuz if the fuzz is onto you, you can just yank the bucket out of the ground and move it somewhere else.
  6. The reason my friends grow in buckets outdoor is so gophers and pests don't dig up the roots and kill the plants.
  7. Sounds a good reason. I grow in buckets because I grow on my roof terrace.

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