i have heard mixed things about these ones

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by starvingstudent, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. hey guys check out these two mutant looking female clones i have heard that they're good but i've also heard that they are screwed up. I Need HELP!!!
    Good, Bad or What?
    Thanks Guys

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  2. and

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  3. and this is the other one

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  4. here

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  5. and here

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  6. that is one weird looking plant you have there....if i didn't know better i'd say it was half cannabis plant/ half house plant....did you get to see the mother plant?...what was it like?.....Peace out.......Sid
  7. They do look a bit strange, but also fairly healthy. I reckon they should do okay, what have you got to lose ?.
  8. yeah i'd flower it and see what happens....keep us posted on how it goes....Peace out....Sid
  9. Looks like it's being grown in a regularr house envirment. Must be using regular lights and doesn't have a 24/0 lighting or 18/6 when veging.

    Looks to be healthy though.

    I agre with the others. Flower it out and see what happens..
  10. That looks exactly like a plant i was trying to grow before.
    I put it in front of my "frosted glass" window and it was a weird lookin thing just like that, but then it turned yellow at the edge of the leaves and started dying.
    Probably died of some deficiency,maybe N or something.I Thought it was a hemp plant or something.
    I had pics somewhere,ill post if i can find em.

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