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  1. i was wondering how to people who sell pot make a profit? someone i do know sells pot, for example he will buy pot for like $20 an 8th then sell it for $20, how is he making a profit? i DONT deal btw i was just wondering
  2. well he obv. doesnt make profit in that situation. but say if someone did buy a half ounce for 55, and sell 20$ 8's. then he would make 25$ profit on it.
  3. Most people don't buy $20 worth of weed and sell it for the same amount. They buy large quantities, repackage it and sell it. It's just like shopping at costco- the more you buy at a time, the cheaper it is.
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    they have what we call a 'connection', usually a good reliable one. buy big, sell small, its quite simple, its how i smoked for free during my h.s years.
    but dont be fooled by the quick buck, it will all catch up to you someday and bite you in the ass, so my suggestion is leave the dealing to the big dogs

    just for example, buy a qp...thats 4 oz, say 1000 bucks. thats 250 a zip compared to like what? 330-350ish? slang it all big(half zips and zips) and get rid of it fast and keep the process going, or slang it all in small sacks(grams and 8ths) and make more profit. either way, just keep the custies coming, never run out, buyers dont like a dealer with no weed.
    if you ever do decide to hop in the game, research your local laws etc. you gotta be an educated dealer otherwise you got no chance.
  5. your friend is probably pinching bags to smoke for free lol
  6. i could make a hundred bucks off every O i sell

    but i always end up just smoking a free quarter

    i have problems :D
  7. example:
    buy a 100 dollar o (28 grams)
    sell it for 20 dollar eighths (3.5 grams)

    60 dollar profit.

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