I have given this plant hell... Will it live? take a look..

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    What i have done:

    I sprouted the seed in a wet paper towel and bag. Then put the roots down in a big pot of miracle grow organic soil and have been watering it mixed with a little organic 8-4-4 fertilizer. I think i had the light too low, which resulted in the browning of the ends. Then I left it outside in the cold night. Then, I had a bottle holding up my light and i bumped it and the bottle fell on one of the baby leaves, so now it is stunted and will die, but it still seems to be growing, and actually quite well. I can still see progress in its growth. But I'm wondering if it is doomed, or if it will still grow and produce.
    This is my first grow, so what do you think based on your experience? Have you ever damaged a plant early on and it still grew strong?



  2. Hopefully it's a she, and she should be fine.
  3. It'll be fine....looks ok to me

    Browning on the ends? You mean there's a wee bit of "burn" on the leaf tips? Nute burn...not the end of the world. Sort your PH, lay off the nutes for a week or two and all will be good :smoke:

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